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You can now set up all your favourite Bulletproof Coffee products up on a simple monthly subscription. Not only do you get free shipping but for multiple orders you also save money. Its real easy to set up. You’ll find a subscribe button next to all our popular products and kits. Simply choose from the drop down box the option you would like and follow the instructions. Its really easy and you can set it up or cancel at any point. Save yourself time and money.

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Bulletproof Coffee Alternatives

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Bioupgraded coffeeThere’s a few ingredients that are key to making Bulletproof Coffee. Of course the most important one is the coffee beans. Whats important about the beans is how they are produced? Upgraded Coffee beans are said to be free of moulds and toxins, and when you buy Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee beans you can be sure of the quality. However its not always that easy to get hold of these beans plus price is an issue especially when you are trying this coffee for the first time. When you are choosing an alternative bean you want to make sure a these 4 factors.


1. Is it organic?

2. How is it roasted?

3. Where is it grown?

4. Can you trust the supplier?

Not all coffee is equal and if you choose the wrong one this can have the opposite effect to what you are trying to acheive which is clear out brain fog, cut out the coffee crash and don’t get headaches.

We do carry an alternative choice of beans that you can make your ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ with. Bioupgraded Coffee is an organic bean which is roasted every month. It comes in 2 sizes 250gm for £9.99 or 1kg bags for £31.99.

How To Make Bulletproof Coffee

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What Makes It Better, And Why Everyone Else Is Changing The Way They Make Coffee

Coffee addicts are constantly looking for bolder, fresher, cleaner variations. That’s why Dave Asprey came up with a secret process that makes Bulletproof Coffee better than anything else. Coffee beans are not produced in the greatest of environments, and in such, they are subject to lots of mold and toxic chemicals. Dave Asprey understood this and developed a procedure that protected the beans from start to finish. In doing this, Bulletproof Coffee was born. Coffee addicts all agree, Bulletproof Coffee is exceptionally clean (void of any chemical toxins), full of flavor, well textured and loaded with antioxidants.

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Don’t worry new stock arrives every week


If you go to order your product and you see we are out of stock, don’t worry. Due to the lead time it takes to get our deliveries from US we are ordering stock every week, so you will only have to wait a few days for it to be back in stock. Sales are growing every month, so to guarantee you get your order the best option is to go ahead and still place your order. We will send out any products that are in stock and then post out any that aren’t as soon as they land.

If we don’t stock a suppliers products but we do sell that suppliers other products get in touch and we can place an order and get that product on our next shipment.

Bulletproof Coffee UK Supplier

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UK Supplier of Bulletproof CoffeeJust ordered some more coffee from the States and taken another delivery of 100 packs of Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee beans.  Make sure to order yours now while in stock.   Click Here

The coffee is great to get you started in the morning, read this article about how to make a Bulletproof Coffee.

You can also get the MCT & Brain Octane Oil from our shop, we often have packaged deals.