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Back to basics, Diet & Intermittent Fasting Part 2

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Grass fed beefburger and green salad

So Days 3, 4 & 5 of my back to basic diet have been slightly different. I reduced the time of my fast and had lunch around 1.00pm. Here’s what those 3 days have looked like

6.00am – Glass of water with added salt

6.10-6.40 Infrared sauna with mindfulness session

8.00am Bulletproof Coffee – Upgraded low toxin coffee beans, grass-fed butter, brain octane oil & 2 tablespoons of Upgraded Collagen protein

Morning – Water with Dr Flanagan’s Crystal Energy

11.00pm – Black Bulletproof coffee (single shot)

1.00pm – Small homemade burger with green salad/avocado salad with hot smoked salmon, olives & capers

Afternoon – Sparkling water, herbal tea

7.30pm – Salmon, pureed cauliflower with butter and avocado pieces, baked kale in brain octane oil, baked Brussel sprouts/ grass fed beef steak, sprouting broccoli, black kale. Day 5 slight change as at a BBQ and not much choice – had 1 burger and 1 pc of chicken along with 2 charcoal tablets (not sure of quality of meat)

SalmonRoasted Kale & Brussel sprouts with Brain Octane OilMy energy was a little low on day 3 so I supplemented with Unfair Advantage. Apart from that, my cravings have reduced and my appetite has also reduced. I’ve lost around 5lbs


Day 6, 7 & 8

Day 6 was a Saturday I followed the same routine as Days 3-5. BP coffee in the morning and no lunch. Dinner was leg of lamb with veg.

Day 7 – Sunday. BP coffee in the morning. Lunch at 2.00pm Salmon with green salad enjoyed outside in the garden with Sparkling water. The difference today was I did a 17mile road bike ride followed by 25mins infrared sauna and a clay face mask by Alitura.Alitura Clay Mask This is one of my absolute favourite clay masks. My skin just feels silky smooth afterwards. For dinner we had roast chicken with veg and gravy made from home made stock. I had a bit of a dicky tummy so took some further charcoal, I think it was the BBQ 2 days earlier.

Day 8 Monday (Bank Holiday 30/05/16)

My weight this morning was 6lbs lighter than same time last Monday. A good start. More importantly my energy levels were steady. My sleep tracker reported a good sleep the night before. I started the day with a Bulletproof Coffee with an added scoop of Upgraded Collagen. Then walked the dog for 50 mins in the woods. I then switched things up a bit and had a 2 egg omelette with a side of bacon. Then did a 12 mile mountain bike ride 6 miles up hill to Loch Ordie and then a bone shaking 6 miles back. Dinner was Chicken curry made with left over roast chicken, spices, spinach, home made chicken stock, Coconut milk. For my kids I added some white rice. As a little treat I had 1 small square of raw chocolate.


This last week I really wanted to make sure I focused on all the basic areas. Diet – I’ve kept this simple, eating good quality ingredients, no processed food, healthy fats and lots of water & I avoided all alcohol during the last 8 days. Light – I’ve made sure I’ve stuck to using the infrared sauna and got out of my office and into nature. Exercise – I kept this light to start with and then introduced some walking and cycling finishing off with some good cardio on my mountain bike riding up some good inclines. Spirit – My goal here was to reduce my stress levels. The mindfulness practice really centres me and gives some great insight. Cutting out toxins and exercise helps my body process the stress better as well. Fasting – although I really only had 2 days of 24 hour fasting it really helped to kickstart my body into Ketosis. Along with letting my cells switch on some repair work. The other 6 days the fast was reduced to around 16 hours. I’m 6lbs lighter, feeling a lot more chilled, energy levels are high and super motivated to continue for the next 7 days

To your health

Sadie x


Back to basics, Diet & Intermittent Fasting

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Sometimes it’s time to reset and go back to basics. In the business world this is called our default diary. It’s the routine you know you should have but one that over time you veer away from. It’s the path that takes us towards our goal. The daily actions that move us towards our vision of the future. We all get those ah’ha moments. The slap the forehead moment. Where we realise we’ve lost our way a bit. So every now and then it’s time to take stock and when everything seems to be running away from us, pause and press the reset button read more →

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How To Make Bulletproof Coffee

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What Makes It Better, And Why Everyone Else Is Changing The Way They Make Coffee

Coffee addicts are constantly looking for bolder, fresher, cleaner variations. That’s why Dave Asprey came up with a secret process that makes Bulletproof Coffee better than anything else. Coffee beans are not produced in the greatest of environments, and in such, they are subject to lots of mold and toxic chemicals. Dave Asprey understood this and developed a procedure that protected the beans from start to finish. In doing this, Bulletproof Coffee was born. Coffee addicts all agree, Bulletproof Coffee is exceptionally clean (void of any chemical toxins), full of flavor, well textured and loaded with antioxidants.

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Q Hi Sadie, what is MCT stands for? and how often during the day I can drink the coffee with the brain octane oil?

A. It stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. It depends on how your body responds to fat. To start with you would try 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon. If that is ok then you can build it up during the day. You can get a an upset tummy if you take too much because its fat hence why you start off with small amounts. I take 2 tablespoons in the morning and if I need an extra energy boost in the afternoon I sometimes take it as well

Q. Is Brain octane oil can help loosing some body fat or not at all? and is the coffee as I take it with the brain octane would be healthy for people with cancer?

A. Yes most definitely. The MCT oil doesn’t get stored as fat in your body at all. Its turned into Ketones straight away and you body uses it as fuel. It also passes the blood brain barrier which also fuels your brain. By raising the good fat ratio in your body this helps you get into ketosis quicker (fat burning mode). If you practice intermittent fasting then you can have a bulletproof coffee (with the oil and butter) in the mornings. This helps take away any hunger as you get an energy boost from the good fats but doesn’t bring you out of the fast at all. Re cancer – I can’t say as I’m not a medical professional, however as it has reduced toxins I would say if I had a choice of which coffee to drink then this would be my one to choose. I have read a lot on cancer and nutrition and a lot of the info focuses on reducing the toxins coming into the body as a person’s immune system can be really compromised. I’ve also read that ketosis is excellent for cancer patients as cancer cells use glucose for energy but not fat. So if glucose is reduced and fat increased this helps greatly. Another product you should consider is Glutathione. All studies have shown that people with serious illnesses such as cancer have really low glutathione levels in their systems. Not sure if you have read up on glutathione if not deff google it. Dave’s glutathione has been designed to help with absorption (as glutathione is tricky to get into the system)

Q. is brain Octain oil is same as what you are talking about MCT? Is it the same oil used? Or I need to buy MCT oil to use with the coffee to be able to lose some weight? Also, if that is the case then can I use the brain Octain and also the MCT as I understand one is for brain focus and the other one (MCT?) for losing weight? Wouldn’t this be too much in one day?

A. You can use either the MCT oil or Brain Octane oil, both are good for weight loss. MCT is a combination of Caprylic acid (C8 & C10) where as Brain Octane oil is only C8

‘Both C8 and C10 get broken down into the same molecule, Acetyl-CoA, which is then converted into ketones. It’s these ketones that have been shown to help with weight loss by stimulating the metabolism and by suppressing appetite.’

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt since starting on my own Bio hacking journey is that we all are slightly different and what can work for one person does not always work for the next person, this is because we have different levels of nutrients – some of us are deficient in ones that other may not be, hormonally we are all also different. However we are all fundamentally the same so with a few tweaks here and there similar solutions can work for us all.

Personally I tried MCT oil initially and then changed to Brain Octane oil as I felt I got a better response. My advice would be to stick with the Brain octane oil see how you feel on it and then next time buy MCT oil and see how you respond to that. You’ll soon decide which one works best for you. We’ve got the half bottles of both for sale on the site.



Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

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Our most popular Bulletproof products

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Our top 5 selling Bulletproof Executive products

1. Bulletproof® Upgraded™ Coffee Beans

2. Upgraded™ Brain Octane Oil

3. Upgraded™ Collagen Protein

4. Upgraded™ MCT Oil

5. Upgraded™ Coconut Charcoal Capsules

Upgraded Brain Octane v’s Upgraded MCT Oil

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What’s the difference between Brain Octane oil and MCT oil and which one should you choose?

Upgraded MCT oil is an extract of 2 key fats that make up coconut and palm oil. C10 Capric acid and C8 Caprylic acid. Both quickly oxidize into ketones which is good for your metabolism and your brain. Upgraded Brain Octane Oil only has the C8 fat.

Both C8 and C10 have be shown in studies to be good for the brain however its C8 which has been cited as particularly good for the brain and C10 for your metabolism.

Some studies have found that MCT is good for weight loss as it helps in the process of excess calorie burning as well as reducing your appetite.

Dave Asprey (Bulletproof Executive) suggests using MCT oil if your main goal is to loose weight otherwise use Brain Octane oil if your main focus is mental clarity. Both should have a positive effect with an increased in energy levels. MCT oil is cheaper than Brain Octane oil as its a longer process to just extract the C8 fat. However as Brain Octane oil is 18 times stronger than MCT oil it convert to ketones a lot faster.

You can use both to make Bulletproof Coffee. But as MCT oil is cheaper one suggestion is use Brain Octane oil to make your bulletproof coffee and use MCT oil to replace other oils in your recipes such as salad dressings.

Smart Drugs – a mini adventure updated

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Aniracetam, Modafinil, CILTEP, Alpha Brain, Brain Octane Oil

One of the really appealing things about Bio Hacking is the opportunity to make yourself on top of your game. Let’s face it who doesn’t want to be able to operate at their peak. For some people its optimum health, others its fitness, for me its mentality. Running a business, attending meetings, having kids, traveling up and down the country takes its toll and some days I can feel onnit and others I can feel totally drained. Having the opportunity to change and improve this so I have more energy, can focus more and achieve more really is totally exciting.

Everything I do now is to achieve a higher state of performance. I’ve been focusing on diet, health and immunity but approaching it from this direction rather than to get slim etc. I know exercise improves brain health and the right kind of exercise is good however over training the body is bad. But I’ve also been researching Nootropics and Smart Drugs.

I’ve been reading up a lot on nootropics and smart drugs. There’s quite a bit of info out there on blog sites, medical sites. If you believe what everyone is saying is seems crazy not to be using them. However one of the things I’ve learnt over the last 12 months is that everyone’s physiology is different and that we all respond differently to food, exercise, drugs, sleep etc. I found this to be especially true for myself.


This was the first ‘smart drug’ that I experimented with. For me Modafinil really has a strong effect. If I take this along with coffee then my heart races. I’m not 100% sure what goes on. I was following a slow carb diet at the time and my blood pressure seems to get low if I restrict my carbs for a period of time. I did find when I took Modafinil that I was fairly wired. Plus I would eventually get a headache. I’ve tried full ½ and ¼ tablets and found that if I reduce the dosage its better but I found I could only really do it for one day. Any longer that this and the negative effects increased. I now realise that the headache comes from a deficiency of acetylcholine and taking a choline supplement sorts this out. Positives – I became really focused, I felt like my brain was firing on all cylenders, public speaking felt easy and communicating with people in general was great. Downsides – racing heart, didn’t sit well if I had too much caffeine, disturbed sleep.


Another nootropic that shows promise. This reportedly improves memory recall increase intellectual clarity, improves immune function, and generate feelings of health and well-being, particularly in the elderly. However much of the info online is anecdotal so again don’t believe everything you read. And yet it’s very intriguing so like Modafinil after researching about it online I ordered 40 tablets. They arrived beginning of January and I’ve been trialling then for a week. So what have I noticed so far? I can definitely tell I’m taking them. I’ve been very engrossed in starting up my Enhanced Nation site the last 2 weeks to the point it was all consuming. However in the last few days my approach has chilled out and I’ve been able to drag my focus away and onto other things. I’ve noticed that socially I’m more outgoing and it’s easier to engage with people face to face and online. By day 3 I started to get a headache so I added in choline supplement. Which has stopped the headaches. I had a break after 5 days and restarted again the following week. By Day 6 I noticed I have good memory recall. So I’ll keep taking them keep logging my results.

Brain Octane Oil

I now take this in my coffee every morning and I really miss it if I’m not at home. I’ve also taken it straight (it has no taste). It makes my morning coffee what I need it to be and gives me an energy boost. It’s subtle though. Like I said I can now tell if I don’t have it. I tend to keep it to only one a day though as I’ve taken it a few times twice in the mornings and felt pretty wired. I couldn’t get my words out quick enough, brain working to fast. I like the health claims for taking this as well.

Alpha Brain

I bought a couple of bottles along with some shroom tech and shroom mood. I’ve not tried the shroom mood but have the other 2. I didn’t noticed any effects at all from either. So after my 2 bottles I didn’t get anymore. Maybe revisit them again and do some more research


This is a natural product that contains 5 ingredients, Artichoke extract and Forskolin (used in Ayurvedic Medicine)being two of the key ones. Natural Stacks website says “CILTEP works by naturally inducing Long-Term Potentiation. Long-Term Potentiation (LTP) is a long lasting enhancement in signal transmission between two neurons that results from stimulating them both at the same time. LTP is one of the major cellular mechanisms behind learning and memory.  Memories are formed or “encoded” in the brain by creating LTP.”

I received 3 bottles in January and started taking them as instructed – 5 days a week in the morning on an empty stomach. Like everything I trial I stopped taking anything else so that I could monitor the results. After 2 weeks all was good with no adverse affects so I added back in Aniracetam and Choline.

All I can say is Wow. This combination definitely works for me. My memory recall has noticeably increased. Writing tasks are easier. I was so impressed with CILTEP that I added it to my shop.

If you have had any experiences with any of the above or have questions to ask feel free to leave comments

Warning – If you are under the age of 21 don’t think about experimenting with smart drugs. Your brain is not fully developed before this and there is not enough evidence or studies to know what long term affects it can have to the health of your brain. However if you’re past the glowing vitality of youth then make sure you do your research before you start and keep a track of your experiments. That way you know what effects they are having and if they are right for you.