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Why you forget things…

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Does your memory play tricks on you? Whenever I forget something I have this amazing excuse. I tell whoever is listening, “I’ve got a good memory, it’s just that it’s short.”

Your memory is an amazing thing. You can do almost anything with it. For starters you can delete stuff from it. For instance, when you have a bad experience you can repress it. You can distort it. If you recall the last time you had an argument you’ll notice something strange. You were right. Why is that strange? Because the other person thought they were right. And you can generalise. Or “make up” things about people. Let’s say you meet someone in an ill-fitting suit. His hair looks like it’s been brushed with buttered toast. You’re thinking, ‘Salesman.’ And you start to back off. Or you meet someone with hair down to his shoulders. Jeans down below his bum. Okay, you can fill in the blanks. read more →

CILTEP, a new kind of ‘smart drug’?

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As we grow older, we begin to notice subtle changes about ourselves, many of which aren’t always for the better either. We may notice that we’re perhaps not as fit as we once were, and that it may take us longer to recover following bouts of strenuous physical activity or exercise. Perhaps our eyesight or hearing is gradually beginning to degenerate, making it harder for us to see and hear. Or, more likely, is the fact that our memory and general mental function are probably not what they used to be, which can leave us with slower reaction times and far less focussed and much more forgetful.

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