Unfair Advantage™ New Formula

  • 1 carton of Unfair Advantage containing 30 Mini-Shots™ (1 month supply)



  • Promotes heart cell and nerve cell function [1-5]
  • Rebuild and restore mitochondria, your cells’ power plants [6-7]
  • Increases performance of physical workouts
  • Bio-identical ActivePQQ™ and CoQ10
  • Patented colloidal delivery technology for maximum effect

Product Description:

  • 1 carton of Unfair Advantage containing 30 Mini-Shots™ (1 month supply)

Introducing the World’s First Whole-Body Nootropic

Your cells contain mitochondria (power plants) that directly create the energy that is fundamental to life itself. You can help to achieve your maximum mental and physical potential by making your mitochondria better. Stronger mitochondria, or more of them, makes for stronger brains and stronger bodies. Unfortunately, the enormous amount of energy produced by your mitochondria make them susceptible to free radical damage and decay as you age.[8-10]

Until recently, the only known way to increase the effectiveness of your mitochondria was to perform exhausting physical workouts, train at high altitude, or practice extreme caloric restriction. (Well, there’s also The Bulletproof Diet…)

But there’s another way…

You can supercharge your mitochondria with an instant “shortcut” that delivers a brand new, activated form of a cellular nutrient called pyrroloquinoline quinine – commonly known as PQQ. Adding the new ActivePQQ™ form of this “missing link” to your brain and body can make you feel like you’re flipping on a switch of clean-burning energy.

This is where Unfair Advantage™ comes in.

Commercially available PQQ supplements are made of a disodium salt that mixes with your stomach acid to become less bioavailable. Unfair Advantage™ gives your body a source of ActivePQQ that isn’t blocked by stomach acid, so your mitochondria will use it.

Even when you have the right form of PQQ, it isn’t very useful until you can get it into your cells. Unlike commodity PQQ supplements, Unfair Advantage uses a proprietary pre-colloidal and colloidal delivery technology to create ultra-fine particles of ActivePQQ™. This means that instead of the supplement being damaged by your stomach before it’s absorbed, it’s absorbed quickly to go straight into your cells.

When you open up the Mini-Shot™ and swallow about a teaspoon of Unfair Advantage, it instantly goes to work recharging and multiplying your mitochondria to renew your body and mind at a cellular level.

Unfair Advantage has such a profound effect on your mental and physical energy, even though it doesn’t contain a trace of caffeine or any other common “stimulant”…

This ground-breaking delivery method will give you a noticeable energy boost from your mitochondria pumping out more power for your body, and brain, to help you perform at your highest level. And you won’t get this effect from any other PQQ supplement.

Ingredients & Use

Unfair Advantage™ pairs Active PQQ™ (a unique composition of Pyrroloquinoline quinone) with CoQ10 in a synergistic energy formula. Unfair Advantage™ uses patented technologies for maximum bioavailability, including colloidal and pre-colloidal delivery systems to fuel the body and brain with active ingredients, which means a noticeable effect so you can perform your best.

For enhanced mental performance: Take 1–2 Mini-Shots™ per day
For enhanced sports performance: Take 2–4 Mini-Shots™ per day

Natural separation may occur, please shake gently before opening the Mini-Shot™ and consuming.

If you have any unusual health conditions or mitochondrial conditions, consult with your doctor before taking Unfair Advantage™.

Shelf Life: 1 year

Science & Research

Active PQQ™ is a special form of PQQ that’s custom synthesized during the manufacturing process for Unfair Advantage™. PQQ supplements available at your local health food store are in the disodium salt form of PQQ, which is well studied in animals with positive effects, but the effects are dramatically reduced for humans because this particular form precipitates out in an acidic environment like your stomach. This means you don’t absorb it effectively, and don’t feel the effects you should.

When Bulletproof synthesized Active PQQ™ in the lab, we used an acid form of PQQ that isn’t as susceptible to precipitating out in your stomach. Because delivery mechanisms are so important for high end supplements, Unfair Advantage™ uses Active PQQ™ in a pre-colloidal and colloidal suspension where the molecules are so small they are suspended in water, this also works to improve absorption.

The Active PQQ™ is then paired with CoQ10, a well known enhancer of mitochondrial function to increase the overall effects. Both CoQ10 and PQQ occur naturally in the body, and Active PQQ™ is the most natural form. This is the exact kind of PQQ that your body produces. You may have heard of bio-identical testosterone, and Unfair Advantage™ has bio-identical PQQ, which is not found in other supplements

PQQ and CoQ10 work well together, and when they are both made into incredibly small molecules in a liquid suspension, it absorbs dramatically well.  This is extremely noticeable when you first take Unfair Advantage™, which has a 2:1 ratio of CoQ10 to ActivePQQ.The amount of CoQ10 found in Unfair Advantage™ is a smaller dose compared to other supplements, but this is because it’s in the colloidal form, which is much more effective in smaller amounts.

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when your mitochondria turn on. Most people feel a warmth in their forehead or chest area that subtly tingles and spreads across your body. This is the cellular energy that affects your brain first, where you have a very dense amount of mitochondria.[1-5]

Unfair Advantage™ also increases mitochondria biogenesis, your body’s ability to create new, more effective mitochondria. This means that your body will understand that it will benefit from having better power plants in your cells, and will clear out old mitochondria and replace it with new mitochondria.[6] It also boosts energy production and function of existing mitochondria.
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