Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix with Reishi 9/20

1 Box contains 10 packets

What’s is it?

The unique combo of spices and reishi mushroom in this hot cacao drink is designed to help you wind down and enjoy life to the fullest. Besides being delicious and easy to use, cacao and chocolate drinks have a long history of being used as a delivery system for other functional ingredients.
Reishi mushroom, the main active ingredient in this drink, can help you with occasional stress and to get a good night of sleep. Cinnamon and cardamom help to combat sweet cravings.


Cacao powder, Coconut palm sugar, Reishi 500mg (dual extract), Astragalus, Rose hip, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Sea salt,Stevia (Steviol glycosides)

How and when to use:

Drink this cacao espresso-style, adding one packet to 3 fluid oz. of hot water.

Drink this beverage in the early evening to wind down, or as a dessert drink to create a relaxing moment.

Try adding a splash of coconut milk, which blends beautifully with this drink’s cinnamon and cardamom flavors.

Drink one to two packets per day