Krill Oil Softgels 60 caps


Krill Oil Softgels

We exclusively use Superba™ Krill Oil as our source of high quality Omega-3 rich Krill Oil. This Krill Oil formulation consists of phospholipids, providing a superior absorption rate in the body.

Superba™ Krill oil is sourced from the Antarctic’s cleanest waters, an ideal environment for nutrient-rich Krill to thrive. The oil is extracted exclusively from Euphausia superba, an Antarctic krill species rich in long chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Because of the abundance of nutrients in these untouched waters, the krill contain high levels of EPA and DHA.

Eicosapentanoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) are healthy fats that support eye, heart, joint, and brain health. When combined with a high concentration of phospholipids, the bioavailability increases, getting more DHA and EPA to the body.1

Our Krill Oil softgels also contain Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant that supresses free radicals and protects the omega-3 fatty acids from oxidation. Due to the Astaxanthin content, Krill is around 200 times more resistant to oxidation when compared with regular fish oil.

Astaxanthin has been shown to support eye and skin health, and is what gives krill their deep red colour. Because of astaxanthin, the need for additives is removed for long-term stability.

Superba™ Krill Oil is Clinically Proven

“Aker BioMarine has performed more clinical work on krill than any other company, making Superba™ the most researched krill brand on the market. Studies include several heart-related studies, brain health and sports nutrition. All of these studies show great promise of Superba™ Krill’s effectiveness. The Omega-3 Index offers additional insight into a person’s general state of well-being based on the amount of omega-3s EPA and DHA in their blood. While most long chain omega-3s will raise the Omega-3 Index, how quickly and efficiently that happens depends on the source. Studies demonstrate that with just 500 mg Superba™ Krill oil per day, the Omega-3 Index increases significantly.” – Aker BioMarine


Superba™ Krill are sustainably sourced from the Southern Ocean in the Antarctic, where the waters are cleanest and mostly undisturbed.

Superba™ Krill is MSC certified, which demonstrates a guarantee of commitment to sustainability and 100% traceability.


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