Targets Inflammation and Bone & Heart Health



  • Fights Inflammation
  • Supports Bone and Heart Health
  • Immune Booster
  • Essential Daily Complex

Optimized Essential Daily Nutrients

HydroVita® delivers optimal levels of enhanced vitamins and minerals, developed for daily use to fight inflammation and protect your bones and heart while acting as the backbone for hundreds of essential processes in the body, such as neurotransmitter production and hormone regulation.

We formulated HydroVita® with simplicity and efficacy in mind, so every ingredient in HydroVita® is specially selected for bio-availability, stability, effectiveness, and purity.

How to use HydroVita®

The dosages for HydroVita® are intended to be flexible for the individual. Our suggested daily dosage for HydroVita® is 2 capsules, however, HydroVita® can be safely dosed anywhere from 1 – 4 capsules per day. Every bottle contains 60 capsules.


HydroCurc™ Curcumin Extract

400mg – 85% Curcuminoids!

Chronic inflammation is detrimental to overall health and can eventually cause certain diseases if it is not addressed.  Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant extracted from turmeric root, and it has been shown to neutralize free radicals in the body and act as a potent anti-inflammatory agent.

Regular curcumin extracts are fat-soluble, and therefore offer poor bioavailability.

HydroCurc™ is a cold water dispersible that incorporates LipiSperse™ to increase the bioavailability of free curcuminoids.

Most phospholipid-coated forms of curcumin contain less than 20% of free curcuminoids while HydroCurc™ delivers over 85% curcuminoids – the largest amount in a water dispersible curcumin formulation by a substantial margin. HydroCurc™ delivers Curcumin with LipiSperse® for significantly higher plasma curcuminoid concentrations compared to raw curcumin (807 vs 318 ng/mL). There is simply nothing like it on the market today.

HydroVita® includes a 400mg dosage of HydroCurc™, amounting to over 350mg total curcuminoids per 2 capsule serving.




Vitamin K2 plays an essential role in maintaining bone and arterial health. Vitamin K2 MK-7 assists in shuttling calcium out of arterial walls and into the bones, thereby reducing arterial stiffness and offering protection of the heart.

However, regular Vitamin K2 has been shown to have stability issues that reduce the potency in a very short period of time. When combined with minerals such as calcium or magnesium, it can degrade rapidly. It is essential that we are able to provide a stable formulation that is guaranteed to hit the stated dosages after months or even years have passed.  We chose K2VITAL® DELTA as our form of Vitamin K2 (as MK-7) as it is specially manufactured by organic synthesis and microencapsulated for superior stability in formulations.

Vitamin D3

8000 IU

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient and has been associated with a number of benefits.

Supplementing with Vitamin D has shown to provide benefits for cognition, immunity, and bone health. Vitamin D has also been shown to reduce the risk of colds and flu, and diabetes. Due to many of the same mechanisms of action, Vitamin D3 has demonstrated synergistic benefits for bone and cardiovascular health when combined with Vitamin K2.

Vitamin D has also shown to be an anti-inflammatory by inhibiting COX-2, which is an enzyme responsible for pain and inflammation.² This inhibiting mechanism is shared with compounds such as Curcumin, providing some of the same anti-inflammatory benefits.

We utilize a vegetarian-friendly form of Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), which is proven to be more effective than Vitamin D2 in the body.

Magnesium Glycinate


Magnesium deficiencies are common among many individuals, even though magnesium is involved in the production of various neurotransmitters and is an important cofactor in the body.

Magnesium contributes to stimulating GABA, removing heavy metals, modulating hormones, and healthy digestion, along with hundreds of other functions in the body.

Magnesium Glycinate is a combination of Magnesium and Glycine. This combination provides two key benefits – improved tolerance to the magnesium in the gut and better sleep quality.