Bulletproof® Upgraded™ Coffee – 340g

Bulletproof Coffee does not have the toxins that most coffee contains


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The toxins that most coffee contains can have a multitude of harmful effects on the body, which is why Bulletproof® Coffee was developed. Created using over 10 years of research that identified all of the harmful elements in your normal brew, Bulletproof® Coffee gives you the great taste and caffeine buzz of coffee, but without the negative effects on your health.

With this great roast, you’ll enjoy a cup of coffee that doesn’t leave you jittery and has no negative caffeine comedown effects, using only organic Central American coffee beans that are grown with no herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals.

Every single bean that goes into our Bulletproof® Coffee is handpicked by expert pickers. While some may include damaged and unripe beans in their roasts, we pick only the very ripest cherries to include in our roast.

After picking, our patented Bulletproof Process™ leads to a very special green bean that is free from the toxins, bacteria and moulds that can be present in coffee that uses the normal processes. Unlike others, our beans are not processed by leaving them in the sun to dry or by pressing and fermenting to remove the fruit from the bean: both of these processes are known to create moulds and other toxins that can be harmful to our bodies.

Once processed, our beans are medium-roasted in the United States in small batches, with the roasting conditions strictly controlled to minimise the number of toxins that are formed at this stage of the process.

Thanks to the careful sourcing and the Bulletproof Process™, you’ll experience a coffee with a beautifully fruity aroma, complete with hints of vanilla, cherry and apple. This full-bodied, well-balanced coffee with caramel notes is so good that once you’ve tried it, you won’t go back…

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