Antarctic Krill Oil – 60 ct 9/2019

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Natural Stacks™ Krill Oil is cold pressed from sustainably harvested Antarctic Krill (tiny shrimp-like crustaceans). Studies suggest that Krill Oil can reduce inflammation, improve brain function, relieve joint pain, and promote heart health.

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Natural Stacks™ Krill Oil is cold pressed from sustainably harvested Antarctic Krill (tiny shrimp-like crustaceans). Studies suggest that Krill Oil can reduce inflammation, improve brain function, relieve joint pain, and promote heart health.

Our premium Krill Oil Complex contains:

  • A variety of key nutrients including choline, vitamin A, vitamin e
  • 420 mg of cell-building phospholipids
  • 300 mg of omega-3 fatty acids (150 mg DHA & 90 mg EPA)
  • 1.5 mg of astaxanthin (7X more than most Krill Oil products)

Natural Stacks™ Krill Oil features an optimal DHA / EPA ratio and is phosphorylated for superior bio-absorption.

Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) have been proven to reduce inflammation, improve cognitive function, and promote muscle growth. The problem is that the most common sources of EPA / DHA are fish oils that are poorly sourced and processed. Typically they’re low potency, contaminated, and/or oxidized.


Natural Stacks™ Krill Oil uses only sustainably harvested krill from the pristine Antarctic ocean. It’s immediately cold-pressed while still on board the vessel to preserve the biological benefits of the krill. Then it goes through a proprietary purification process and is lab tested to ensure that the krill oil has absolutely zero toxins, heavy metals, or other impurities

Krill oil is superior to fish oil because the EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids in krill are bonded to cell-building phospholipids. This give krill oil significantly greater bio-absorption than fish oil. Also krill oil contains natural antioxidants including vitamin a, and vitamin e, and astaxanthin.

Optimal EPA / DHA Ratio

Our krill oil complex is formulated to outperform any other marine oil product on the market. We used small amount of DHA-high European anchovy and sardine oil to increase the ratio of DHA to EPA, because DHA is the primary structural component of the brain.

DHA is essential for neurological development and function, while EPA can influence mood. They’re both anti-inflammatory and have complementary effects, but DHA appears to be more important for optimal performance because it’s the predominant fatty acid in the brain and nervous system.

Almost all wild caught fish has more DHA than EPA (LINK), yet most fish oil supplements on the market have more EPA than DHA because of their low grade sourcing techniques. Natural Stacks™ Krill Oil contains 150 mg DHA and 90 mg EPA.

1.5 mg Astaxanthin Per Serving

Naturally found in krill, astaxanthin is thought to be the most powerful antioxidant found in nature. The only two main sources of this fat-soluble antioxidant are the microalgae that produce it (haematococcus pluvialis) and the sea creatures that consume the algae. It’s what gives salmon their pink color and is the driving force behind their incredible endurance.

Astaxanthin is a free radical scavenger that protects your cells from oxidative damage. It has potent anti-inflammatory properties that can boost your immune system, promote cardiovascular health, and improve endurance. Astaxanthin also provides protection against ultraviolet light and UV-induced skin damage.

Most krill oil products don’t say how much astaxanthin is in their product. Natural Stacks™ Krill Oil proudly offers 1.5 mg of the super-antioxidant in every serving.


Suggested Use: Take 1 serving per day, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Antarctic Krill Oil

Krill are tiny shrimp-like crustaceans with an impressive nutritional profile. As a life-sustaining foundation for a complex food chain, they are the largest animal biomass on the planet.

European Anchovy & Sardine Oil

A small amount of high quality fish oil from European caught anchovy and sardine is added to our Krill Oil Complex to increase the amount of DHA, a major structural component of the brain.


A natural pharmaceutical grade microalgae (haematococcus pluvialis) oil is used to boost the content of astaxanthin, a powerful carotenoid antioxidant

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    I have been taking fish oils daily for almost a decade now with a focus on DHA/EHA which is the most beneficial form for brain function. Natural stacks are a trusted company and I have used many of their products before so having read up on the benefits of Krill and then realising that they use the cleanest from the best source in terms of antarctic waters i thought it was a no brainer.

    These are my go to for a daily hit (although i take a few days off when i am getting a reasonable amount of fish into my day). Recovery periods from training have also improved although not sure if thats from overall diet or can be attributed to the krill. Ive had inflammation problems in the past and my daily regimen of krill has certainly helped reduce this.

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