Amazon A-F Anti Fungal/Mold 120 Caps

Fungal & Mould Support – Amazon A-F Anti-Fungal includes a blend of potent herbs all of which are traditionally used in herbal medicine against fungal infections and mould. Amazon A-F Anti-Fungal combines some of the most powerful anti-fungal and anti-yeast ingredients that have been used in traditional medicine for generations. While the individual ingredients are potent on their own, it is the synergistic action when combined that offers a more potent anti-fungal.

Ingredients: A herbal blend of jatoba, Brazilian peppertree, anamu, bellaco capsi, matico, piri-piri, pau d’arco, ubos, fedegoso, tamamuri, guaco, and graviola. 100% natural herbs as listed with no use of chemicals during cultivation. Vegetable capsule shell. Our formulas contain absolutely no other ingredients, no fillers, binders or flow agents.

Recommended Daily Intake: 2 capsules 2-3 times daily, or as directed by a healthcare professional.