Algae DHA Oil Softgels 60 caps


Algae DHA Oil Softgels

It is well understood that maintaining your levels of Omega-3s is crucial for the brain, heart and overall health. DHA makes up around 97 percent of the brains omega-3 fatty acids, however many people don’t get enough of these in their diets or even through supplementation.

Unlike powdered compounds and extracts, EPA/DHA oils are more sensitive to environmental factors and therefore have a shorter shelf life. Your average fish oil capsules are known to have a short shelf-life, often expiring well before their suggested expiration dates because of how easily fish oil oxidizes when it comes into contact with oxygen. (This is why Krill Oil a better alternative to regular fish oil)

Algae DHA Oil is a great vegetarian-friendly source of these protective fatty acids. As there are no animal products, it makes for a safe and long-lasting source of pure DHA.

Algae is the natural source of EPA and DHA, and why many ocean fish are abundant in these fatty acids, as they form a large (if not primary) part of their diets. Microalgae is farmed for this reason specifically, providing a natural, sustainable source of DHA and omega-3s.

We package our Algal DHA into small bottles of 60 softgels, ensuring the freshest, longest-lasting batches every time.

Key Benefits

Powerful natural anti-inflammatory
Supports cognitive development and function
Improves memory
Supports eye health

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