Joao, 37, October 2016

I’ve completed a period of life coaching with Sadie Scott. I must confess that prior to starting I didn’t really know much about life coaching. I just knew that I was motivated by the fact that I was already deep into Bulletproof and that I was also quite impressed by Sadie’s dedication for her online business (Enhanced Nation). That alone was enough.

Some of the things I’ve learned from the life coaching are incredibly simple and yet, I wouldn’t have got there that easy if it wasn’t for Sadie. The fact that nowadays we all have access to so much information, doesn’t really mean that we know exactly how to act on it, and In my case I had years of experience with many sorts of meditations and many healing practices and barely felt real results in terms of my health and energy.

But Sadie taught me some practices and prepared a daily routine for me. She advised me on how to make the best of my time. She taught me that great results can be achieved without huge burden, if we only put some intelligence into the process… After a while I was getting really nice benefits from Mindfulness and quantified quality sleep. And that was clearly improving my relationships. It got me really excited. I think that I’ve never had a blueprint of what good sleep is. And the same with meditation: I spent many years trying over-engineered meditations that never had the chance to settle down.

Much of the work that I did also encompassed reading and listening to the most brilliant minds from many different areas, usually related with the work that we were doing during the coaching. Sadie loves biohacking as much as I do, and having her sharing so much made it really easy for me to follow what’s going on in the world of the biohacking movement. Exploring, discovering and trying new things using a systemic approach is the best way I can describe this kind of journey.

For me, being able to restore my energy whenever I wanted or needed, meant that I was capable of being more energy self-sufficient, and it translated into more self esteem. I knew that then I could use it in order to take on other challenges. So, as I got the basics under control, we decided to move into learning how to plan and create a minimum viable product. Sadie provided all the right materials, books about business and startups, how to set and visualize my goals, and gave me the chance that I never had before, to learn from her own experience and to discover by myself how it is to be an entrepreneur.

Sadie helped me to feel more accountable for each of my results. I found that just because I knew that I’d have to explain it sooner or later to Sadie, it made it so that sometimes I’d even figure it out before getting to the next session. Nevertheless, for the really challenging issues I also knew that I could always count on Sadie’s support and experience and that gave me the peace of mind to trust and enjoy the process.

During and after this period other possibilities opened up for me. I saw that there is always a way to get to where we want go, in a way that doesn’t necessarily mean that in order to get what we want we have to give up on our health and happiness. A balance that is often so difficult to achieve because many of us have been taught some models of reality that are very poor and deprecated. And one of the best things that I got from the coaching was the space to nurture my dreams in a very positive and informed way.

As a result of this journey I lately got in touch with other entrepreneurs here in Dublin, I went to StartUp events, met other people. Nowadays I continue on my way, learning by doing, and getting good on other skills such as communication. I’m keeping my full-time job for now, but prospecting ways to bring to life other things that keep me really excited.

Thank you Sadie for all. You are definitely a great coach!