Iain 51, Edinburgh, August 16

After embarking on a period of life coaching with Sadie Scott, I would just like to put a few words together to stand testament to not only its effectiveness but also to recommend it whole heartedly to anyone considering taking the journey too.

The results speak for themselves so don’t be put off by any notion of back scratching, Although I was already on a journey of sorts, having started mild bio hacking and awoken to the quantified self group, following the Bulletproof diet, tracking all the food eaten and looking at my sleep, with various trackers nothing else was changing in my life, I was stuck.

I had paid a sizeable amount for a professional CV, signed up for email alerts from recruitment sites, applied for various positions but all was not well and with Sadie’s help we set about rectifying it.

Sadie applied all aspects of her knowledge of Bulletproof coaching over a period of nearly three months, with goals and values set, we had eight sessions lasting a minimum of an hour at a time culminating in a transformational experience, not only have I repaired relationships to a point where I have gone from discussing separation to being in a very happy loving marriage and improved relations with family, friends, colleagues, bosses but I also become more tolerant and understanding of others and far less judgmental too, I’m a nicer person to be around.

Is it a coincidence I got selected for promotion within the same company I had been overlooked for constantly previously, now in a Monday to Friday role with a company car and increased salary? I credit Sadie with a big helping hand in that.

With Sadie’s help I also overcame panic attacks, she somehow fixed my “fight or flight” mindset which was triggering asthmatic episodes, feelings of claustrophobia, dramatic rises in temperature and heart rate.

Sadie will help you with diet, sleep, relationships, cognitive performance and much much more, she will also give you great recommendations for aspirational reading material, you won’t regret it, contact her today, the sooner you can get started the quicker you will be seeing the results.