Does high dosing Vitamin C work?

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Purathrive Vitamin C

Back in May 2017 I listened to a great interview on Zestology with Dr Andrew Saul (listen here) . His advice was as soon as you get any symptoms then high dose with vitamin C on the hour every hour. He’s discusses how very high doses of Vitamin C works as an antiviral, as an antibiotic, anti toxin, anti histamine, anti depressant and an antipyretic (fever reducer). He discussed that Dr Robert Cathcart had also promoted not only high dose vitamin c but ‘bowel tolerance’ dosing. Oral doses of Vitamin C are given to the point where you feel better and you reach ‘saturation’ or loose stool. A person in good health will reach this point sooner such as 5000mg compared to a sick person who would tolerate a much higher dose. He even used this method with his own daughter when she had a very severe cough. He gave her 4000mg every half hour until she had reached saturation point and pretty much her cough stopped the same time she needed to go to the toilet which was a couple of hours later. So she must have had 16,000 mg.

This January I got the chance to test out the theory to see if high dose vitamin c will stop a virus in its tracks.

I woke up one Thursday morning with a sore throat and ear ache. Thinking I would shake it off I happily went to work. But during the day it progressed further and by the afternoon I was aching all over and starting to shiver. It had been a long time since I had come down with a winter virus, I actually was feeling pretty good with myself as lots of my friends & family had come down with it over the Christmas period and I thought I had dodged that bullet. As fate would have it – earlier that week we received in our latest products from Purathrive which included a Liposomal Vitamin C. Whats great about Purathrive’s products are they are liposomal which makes the vitamin c more bio available. The vitamin c is encapsulated into nano-sized micelles which are further enveloped in liposomes. This shields the vitamin c in the stomach and gut.

Fate, coincidence or not I thought brilliant, will get the chance to try out High Dose Vitamin C. At 4.00 pm I took 4 tablespoons which equated to 4000 mg and I took a further 4000 mg an hour later. I had parents evening that night and couldn’t go to bed which is what I really wanted to do. By the time I got to the school I was actually feeling a little better. I took a further 5000 mg when I got home.

The next morning my aches had gone and no more shivers. I still had a sore throat and earache. So Friday I took more Vitamin C. This time I took 2000 mg every hour and ended up taking 16000 mg. Saturday I took 8000 mg and by Sunday I was feeling so much better. No sore throat or ear ache.

I never did reach Saturation point so I think next time I will be braver and take a higher dose on the first day. This will certainly be one of my tactics now for any cough or sniffles.


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Here at Enhanced Nation HQ we strive to bring you the latest most effective products available. And we believe we’ve found one with Nanomojo. A collaboration between Quicksilver Scientific’s Christopher Shade Phd and the master herbalist Daniel Moriarty of Sun Horse Energy.

20 Amazing herbs (14 of which are adaptogens) and a liposomal encapsulation that bypasses the digestive system to work super fast.

Nanomojo is there to support everything from stamina and strength, your immune system and your mood. Adaptogentic herbs have been show to help our bodies adapt to stressful situations.

Click here to buy

Here are the possible benefits of these amazing adaptogenic herbs

  • Increase muscle output
  • Increase endurance
  • Elevate enzyme synthesis
  • Protect mitochondrial function
  • Enhanced mental focus and concentration
  • Improve cardio and respiratory capacity
  • Encourage better sleep
  • Help normalise body functions

Sadie – “I’ve been using this product for the last 4 weeks and just love it. My favourite adaptogenic formula :0)”

Back to basics, Diet & Intermittent Fasting Part 2

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Grass fed beefburger and green salad

So Days 3, 4 & 5 of my back to basic diet have been slightly different. I reduced the time of my fast and had lunch around 1.00pm. Here’s what those 3 days have looked like

6.00am – Glass of water with added salt

6.10-6.40 Infrared sauna with mindfulness session

8.00am Bulletproof Coffee – Upgraded low toxin coffee beans, grass-fed butter, brain octane oil & 2 tablespoons of Upgraded Collagen protein

Morning – Water with Dr Flanagan’s Crystal Energy

11.00pm – Black Bulletproof coffee (single shot)

1.00pm – Small homemade burger with green salad/avocado salad with hot smoked salmon, olives & capers

Afternoon – Sparkling water, herbal tea

7.30pm – Salmon, pureed cauliflower with butter and avocado pieces, baked kale in brain octane oil, baked Brussel sprouts/ grass fed beef steak, sprouting broccoli, black kale. Day 5 slight change as at a BBQ and not much choice – had 1 burger and 1 pc of chicken along with 2 charcoal tablets (not sure of quality of meat)

SalmonRoasted Kale & Brussel sprouts with Brain Octane OilMy energy was a little low on day 3 so I supplemented with Unfair Advantage. Apart from that, my cravings have reduced and my appetite has also reduced. I’ve lost around 5lbs


Day 6, 7 & 8

Day 6 was a Saturday I followed the same routine as Days 3-5. BP coffee in the morning and no lunch. Dinner was leg of lamb with veg.

Day 7 – Sunday. BP coffee in the morning. Lunch at 2.00pm Salmon with green salad enjoyed outside in the garden with Sparkling water. The difference today was I did a 17mile road bike ride followed by 25mins infrared sauna and a clay face mask by Alitura.Alitura Clay Mask This is one of my absolute favourite clay masks. My skin just feels silky smooth afterwards. For dinner we had roast chicken with veg and gravy made from home made stock. I had a bit of a dicky tummy so took some further charcoal, I think it was the BBQ 2 days earlier.

Day 8 Monday (Bank Holiday 30/05/16)

My weight this morning was 6lbs lighter than same time last Monday. A good start. More importantly my energy levels were steady. My sleep tracker reported a good sleep the night before. I started the day with a Bulletproof Coffee with an added scoop of Upgraded Collagen. Then walked the dog for 50 mins in the woods. I then switched things up a bit and had a 2 egg omelette with a side of bacon. Then did a 12 mile mountain bike ride 6 miles up hill to Loch Ordie and then a bone shaking 6 miles back. Dinner was Chicken curry made with left over roast chicken, spices, spinach, home made chicken stock, Coconut milk. For my kids I added some white rice. As a little treat I had 1 small square of raw chocolate.


This last week I really wanted to make sure I focused on all the basic areas. Diet – I’ve kept this simple, eating good quality ingredients, no processed food, healthy fats and lots of water & I avoided all alcohol during the last 8 days. Light – I’ve made sure I’ve stuck to using the infrared sauna and got out of my office and into nature. Exercise – I kept this light to start with and then introduced some walking and cycling finishing off with some good cardio on my mountain bike riding up some good inclines. Spirit – My goal here was to reduce my stress levels. The mindfulness practice really centres me and gives some great insight. Cutting out toxins and exercise helps my body process the stress better as well. Fasting – although I really only had 2 days of 24 hour fasting it really helped to kickstart my body into Ketosis. Along with letting my cells switch on some repair work. The other 6 days the fast was reduced to around 16 hours. I’m 6lbs lighter, feeling a lot more chilled, energy levels are high and super motivated to continue for the next 7 days

To your health

Sadie x


Back to basics, Diet & Intermittent Fasting

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Sometimes it’s time to reset and go back to basics. In the business world this is called our default diary. It’s the routine you know you should have but one that over time you veer away from. It’s the path that takes us towards our goal. The daily actions that move us towards our vision of the future. We all get those ah’ha moments. The slap the forehead moment. Where we realise we’ve lost our way a bit. So every now and then it’s time to take stock and when everything seems to be running away from us, pause and press the reset button read more →

Green Smoothie Health Benefits

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photo2I recently purchased a high powered blender. My goal was to increase the amount of vegetables I eat.

read more →

Creatine: The benefits on lean muscle mass and the brain

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Creatine - scientifically-proven to optimize brain power

Creatine – scientifically-proven to optimize brain power

When it comes to athletic performance and our overall health and general well-being, it simply cannot be denied that supplements are extremely beneficial as far as helping to ensure that we’re fit and healthy, and that we also perform to our full potential either in the gym, at the athletics track, at the swimming pool, or anywhere else for that matter. When talking about sports and health supplements in general, one product in particular will almost certainly always pop up in conversation and that product is creatine. Creatine is considered one of the best supplements on the market today and is especially popular amongst bodybuilders and athletes in general. As well as helping with athletic performance however, creatine can also help boost our brain power and our overall mental focus too. Here’s a look at creatine in a little more detail.

What is creatine and how can it help with lean muscle mass?

Creatine is basically a naturally occurring amino acid that is produced within our very own bodies within the pancreas, the kidneys, and the liver as well. Its main function is to be used as a primary source of energy for our muscles. Creatine is also found naturally within other living creatures especially cattle, which is why red meat is considered a great source of protein and creatine combined. As far as how it can help with building muscle, the cells within our bodies actually require energy in order to function, the energy they run on is known as ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate). ATP basically does for the cells within your body what fuel does for your car. Creatine actually helps with ATP production, meaning the more creatine, the more energy the cells in the muscles will have, so the longer they will be able to work before they fatigue. This means you can exercise and workout for longer before you grow tired, which means your workouts are more productive, which in turn will eventually translate into an increase in muscle mass or an improvement in athletic performance.

But what about the benefits for the brain?

Most people see creatine solely as a supplement aimed at bodybuilders and keen athletes when in actual fact there is a great deal of scientific and medical evidence that proves that creatine is also extremely beneficial for the brain too. For starters, scientists have found that creatine is especially beneficial for short-term memory. A number of studies carried out on people supplementing their diets with creatine, and a group of people using a placebo, found that each person using the creatine showed an increase in short-term memory span when compared with those taking the placebo. The reason for this is that creatine helps with the re-synthesis of ATP, which has been found to help the brain’s ability to remember. Studies have also found that creatine helps to prevent fatigue of the mind and that it can also help enhance your mood. Creatine has been proven to actually enhance oxygenation utilisation within the brain, which helps to keep it sharper and more alert. Studies found that people using creatine whilst deprived of sleep, showed the same mental focus as people that slept for 7 hours or more. There is also evidence that suggests that creatine can help to enhance our moods and feelings of well-being, making it very effective when helping to treat certain forms of depression, stress, or anxiety. Overall, creatine helps the body by providing the cells within our muscles with fuel which allows them to work faster, harder, and for longer, but it is also thought to help improve our memory, our mental focus and clarity, and it can even help us to feel happier and more content with ourselves and life in general. For these reasons, creatine supplementation could be highly recommended and it could help to improve the health and general well-being of a number of individuals of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Natural Stacks have bought out a brilliant Creatine product called BioCreatine. I’ve been using it now for the last 2 months. It stacks brilliantly with their CILTEP product which works on LTP (long term potentiation)

Click here to go to BioCreatine’s product page on our shop to find out more info, use the following code to receive 10% off BIO10 (valid to 31st Dec 2014)

SKINNYfat: The new healthy MCT and Coconut Oil?

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Amazing New Skinny Fat

Amazing New Skinny Fat

Let’s face it, losing weight and keeping the weight off is difficult, as is looking after our health and well-being in general. Many of us struggle to find a diet plan or a way of eating healthily and actually sticking to it. What doesn’t help, is the fact that there are so many faddy diets and gimmicky diets out there that can confuse people and leave them feeling overwhelmed. For this reason, people simply do not know what they should and should not be eating in order to manage their weight and maintain their health. One product however, that has been getting a huge amount of attention lately, for all of the right reasons, is a product known as SKINNYfat, and it’s this product that we’ll be looking at right now.


What exactly is SKINNYfat? 

SKINNYfat, and SKINNY fat Olive is an oil made up from MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides), and other healthy oils, that has been scientifically proven to help with brain function, fat-burning, and energy production within the human body. It’s ideal for people looking to lose weight and improve their overall health and fitness, without the need for relying on stimulant ridden fat burners, and faddy diets consisting of bland or disgusting foods.

What’s it actually made from, and what are the benefits?

The product is derived from a combination of organic virgin coconut oil, MCT’s, and organic extra virgin olive oil, making it one of the healthiest oils on the planet. The reason for this is that all of the ingredients are proven to be unbelievably healthy for the human body. The coconut oil for instance, helps boost the immune system, it helps improve the thyroid gland function, and it’s great for the heart as well. MCT’s cannot be stored as fat within the body, and they’ve been proven to help with insulin sensitivity and to help boost and increase the metabolism, thus aiding in weight loss and weight management. Finally, the extra virgin olive oil is well known for being an extremely healthy source of fat, due to the fact that it possesses a number of beneficial health properties. Combine all three of these oils together in SKINNYfat, and you’re left with one of the healthiest products on the entire market today. The coconut oil, the olive oil, and the MCT’s all have their benefits, but individually, they all have their negative aspects as well. SKINNYfat is a product with all of the benefits, and none of the drawbacks.

So how does SKINNYfat work?

The great thing about this product is that it is quickly absorbed, digested, and converted into energy for the body, rather than being stored as body fat. The ingredients contained within SKINNYfat are quickly metabolised by the liver, which then leads to the production of ketones. Ketones are another form of energy for the body, which does not cause an increase in blood sugar levels or an insulin spike. They speed up the metabolism which leads to an increase in energy levels, all the while keeping you feeling full for longer. On top of that, they’re also great for brain function, helping with mental focus and clarity.

How is it used?

Basically, you use this product in exactly the same way as you use other oils in your kitchen. You can use it for shallow frying, for frying, as a marinade, or even as a salad dressing drizzled over your favourite salad.

Skinny fat is available to order today from our shop click here to buy

Why You Should Embrace Grass Fed Butter

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It’s not a secret that grass fed butter is totally trusted and healthy to use. It makes food taste good and even turns your coffee into an appetizing healthy ‘latte like’ drink.* Grass fed butter  contains a lot of minerals, vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E, K and K2, omega-3, anti-oxidants, butyrate (a fatty acid that combats inflammation, improves digestive health and may help prevent weight gain) and even healthy fats.

Oh yes, some fats are now seen as healthy because they contain large amounts of both saturated fat and cholesterol, which has been proven by recent studies to be good for your health because it actually improves the blood lipid profile. Saturated fat raises ‘the good’ cholesterol and changes the ‘the bad’ cholesterol to a nonthreatening subtype that is not associated with heart disease.

With this new report, grass fed butter is now becoming the butter of choice in the market and steadily growing in popularity. People are beginning to trust butter again as compared to margarine and other vegetable oil based spreads.

Personally, I’m a fan of grass fed butter. I love how it tastes. I love the way it flavours the taste of other foods. I love how it melts. I love the rich creamy feel it imparts to delicious recipes and also I love the fact that it is natural.  If you can get fresh, grass fed butter, that’s going to be the crème de la crème. But for most of us, that’s not an option. If you do have access to grass fed cream though, make your own butter at home, if you know how to. It tastes amazing! But if none of these is an option for you, go buy yourself grass fed butter such as Kerrygold instead of some junky vegetable oil spread.

The main ingredients in most margarine are vegetable oils such as soybean oil or safflower oil. Most vegetable oils are unsaturated, which is really bad and problematic because unsaturated oils are liquid at room temperature and cannot be used as spreads.

In order to solve this problem, the vegetable oils are subjected to hydrogenation process, which has to do with exposing the oils to high heat, high pressure, hydrogen gas and a metal catalyst – this is nauseating if you ask me.

This process prolongs the shelf life of margarine and other vegetable oil spreads and makes them harder/solid at room temperature, giving them a similar consistency to saturated fats. However, hydrogenated fats are highly toxic and strongly linked to heart disease.

Bottom line: An animal’s health outcome depends mainly on what it eats, or ate. Cows eat grass in their natural surroundings. So, butter from grass fed cows is very healthy and nourishing.

*How to make Bulletproof Coffee

Vitamin D

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I’ve been taking Natural Stacks Vitamin D3 for the last 4 weeks. Brilliant product – love the tiny little capsules. Great price too only £9.95 for 6 months supply check out our shop for more details

Vitamin D deficiency can cause low estrogen in women, which means low sex drive. It also causes low testosterone in men. So if you tend to feel more frisky

Whats Enhanced Nation all about?

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Hi Everyone, if you find yourself on my site then it usually means that you have read about or heard about Bio hacking. Maybe not that particular term but you’re either already far down the path or perhaps you’re just starting out and wanting to find out more. So I created this site for 2 reasons.

Firstly I have the shop. I only carry products I believe in and use myself. I was buying my own products – mainly from the US, it would take weeks for them to come through and I also had to pay custom charges on top. So I found myself buying not only for me but also for my friends and family. The natural step was to start the shop. I try and keep the prices for the products close to the US price, I’m subject to exchange rates and a fickle HMRC as well as shipping so you may find they are a little bit more than the US shop. However you won’t have all those extra costs on top, and if you’re as impatient as I am then you will normally receive your purchase the next day when you order Monday to Friday. read more →