Why You Should Embrace Grass Fed Butter

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It’s not a secret that grass fed butter is totally trusted and healthy to use. It makes food taste good and even turns your coffee into an appetizing healthy ‘latte like’ drink.* Grass fed butter  contains a lot of minerals, vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E, K and K2, omega-3, anti-oxidants, butyrate (a fatty acid that combats inflammation, improves digestive health and may help prevent weight gain) and even healthy fats.

Oh yes, some fats are now seen as healthy because they contain large amounts of both saturated fat and cholesterol, which has been proven by recent studies to be good for your health because it actually improves the blood lipid profile. Saturated fat raises ‘the good’ cholesterol and changes the ‘the bad’ cholesterol to a nonthreatening subtype that is not associated with heart disease.

With this new report, grass fed butter is now becoming the butter of choice in the market and steadily growing in popularity. People are beginning to trust butter again as compared to margarine and other vegetable oil based spreads.

Personally, I’m a fan of grass fed butter. I love how it tastes. I love the way it flavours the taste of other foods. I love how it melts. I love the rich creamy feel it imparts to delicious recipes and also I love the fact that it is natural.  If you can get fresh, grass fed butter, that’s going to be the crème de la crème. But for most of us, that’s not an option. If you do have access to grass fed cream though, make your own butter at home, if you know how to. It tastes amazing! But if none of these is an option for you, go buy yourself grass fed butter such as Kerrygold instead of some junky vegetable oil spread.

The main ingredients in most margarine are vegetable oils such as soybean oil or safflower oil. Most vegetable oils are unsaturated, which is really bad and problematic because unsaturated oils are liquid at room temperature and cannot be used as spreads.

In order to solve this problem, the vegetable oils are subjected to hydrogenation process, which has to do with exposing the oils to high heat, high pressure, hydrogen gas and a metal catalyst – this is nauseating if you ask me.

This process prolongs the shelf life of margarine and other vegetable oil spreads and makes them harder/solid at room temperature, giving them a similar consistency to saturated fats. However, hydrogenated fats are highly toxic and strongly linked to heart disease.

Bottom line: An animal’s health outcome depends mainly on what it eats, or ate. Cows eat grass in their natural surroundings. So, butter from grass fed cows is very healthy and nourishing.

*How to make Bulletproof Coffee

Whats Enhanced Nation all about?

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Hi Everyone, if you find yourself on my site then it usually means that you have read about or heard about Bio hacking. Maybe not that particular term but you’re either already far down the path or perhaps you’re just starting out and wanting to find out more. So I created this site for 2 reasons.

Firstly I have the shop. I only carry products I believe in and use myself. I was buying my own products – mainly from the US, it would take weeks for them to come through and I also had to pay custom charges on top. So I found myself buying not only for me but also for my friends and family. The natural step was to start the shop. I try and keep the prices for the products close to the US price, I’m subject to exchange rates and a fickle HMRC as well as shipping so you may find they are a little bit more than the US shop. However you won’t have all those extra costs on top, and if you’re as impatient as I am then you will normally receive your purchase the next day when you order Monday to Friday. read more →

This is what I’m doing to improve my immune system and my brain health.


weekly routine_350I thought I would give you a little insight into what my current routine is. I stress current as I am also learning all the time. I am often trialling different products for a few days, weeks or months. I’m also learning and expanding my knowledge base as well which often means I will change what I’m doing. So because of my own personal goals and where I feel I need to work on I’ve created a routine that’s easy to follow.

Every morning

  • AM Nutreince
  • 5ml Upgraded Glutathione Force
  • Bulletproof Coffee – 2 tablespoons of Brain Octane Oil

Monday – Friday mornings

  • 3x tablets CILTEP
  • 2x 500mg tablets Aniracetam
  • 2x tablets choline

Monday – Friday Afternoon & Evenings

  • 3x MagTech

Every evening

  • PM Nutreince
  • Upgraded Collagen Protein

I’ve been following this current routine since mid-January. During this time I sampled some Omega 3 tablets and I took these the same time as Aniracetam.

So why am I taking these particular supplements?

Nutreince is a multi-vitamin which has been specially formulated for maximum absorption. For some the jury is out on whether taking vitamins is a good thing or a waste of time. You could spend a lot of time, money and energy testing to see what you are deficient in and then tailor your supplementation accordingly. Or you can take a good multi-vitamin which will top up anything you are deficient in and any excess will just pass through your system and not be stored. Your body has different needs at different times and if your reserves are all topped up then you have the nutrients available when needed. For instance you may not use up that much vitamin c every day but if your immune system is under attack by a virus then having maximum levels of vitamin c in your body will mean you have it when needed. And if your body uses up its reserves, that’s fine because you’ll be topping them up the next day. Taking vitamins should not be a substitute for a good diet but instead  they should compliment your diet as you cannot guarantee the levels of vitamins and nutrients that are in your food. Think of it as covering all your bases.

Upgraded Glutathione – I’m taking this for a similar reason for taking Nutreince. Glutathione is a master antioxidant and is found in every cell in our bodies. It helps the liver remove chemicals that are foreign to the body. It’s said that if you have a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables and good quality meat then you should be producing enough levels, however my aim is to have my glutathione levels at maximum so that when my body is subject to ‘foreign’ chemicals, pollutants and health damaging toxins I want my liver to have all the glutathione it needs.

Both Nutreince and Upgraded Glutathione boost my immune system.

Bulletproof Coffee – I drink this because I really like the taste. At first I started drinking it because I was curious about how it would taste with butter and MCT oil but now I actually just drink this as a straight coffee. I really don’t like other coffee anymore. Bulletproof coffee makes me feel great. I don’t get any coffee crash, I don’t get coffee breath. I can really tell the difference to this and other coffee. So much so, that I now take it traveling with me.

Brain Octane Oil – I took this in my coffee for months but at the moment I’m not having butter and brain octane oil in my coffee. Instead I just take it straight on a table spoon. It gives me a real energy boost in the mornings. I’ve got used to the taste and texture. Let’s face it is oil. I’ll also take this later on in the day if I have to go out in the evening. Just gives me mental clarity and helps clear out afternoon brain fog.

CILTEP & Aniracetam – I totally love taking these at the moment. My 9-5 job is accounts based and I’m often working on spreadsheets and analysing lots of data. My evenings have been spent learning and researching subjects that I have no previous knowledge about. I’ve been learning about social media, facebook, google adwords, twitter, joomla alongside brain health, nutrition, functional medicine & exercise ( and learning about Gangsta Granny and Ratburger). To be honest my thirst for knowledge is extremely high and a lot of this is magnified by the CILTEP. It works on the dopamine metabolism making it more effective and triggers the motivation, learning and memory processes. Aniracetam also works on focus, concentration and attention; it seems to promote the growth of new neurons. My memory recall has noticeably improved and the effect seems to be long term.

Choline – this is to boost the acetylcholine levels in my brain as Aniracetam depletes it (I’m guessing because its getting used up)

MagTech – this is a new product for me that I have only been taking it for a week so far. It’s also from Natural Stacks. Because I was stocking this product I did some research into magnesium and the importance of it in our systems. I love the fact magnesium helps with brain function and it seemed like the perfect match to take alongside CILTEP and Aniracetam. I’ve been researching sleep and how to improve the quality of my sleep so taking MagTech is killing two birds with one stone so to speak. Giving me enhanced cognition and increased memory alongside relaxation and improved quality of sleep.

Upgraded Collagen – I’m taking this to help my muscles repair after exercise. I’m currently doing Metafit and kettle bells each week. Metafit because it’s a high intensity workout and kettle bells because of the resistance training.

My goal here was to give you inspiration to start researching and improving your own self. At 42 I do not plan on getting my slippers out and settling down to middle age. I truly believe that we can improve our bodies and mind. The research into how our bodies work is truly exciting. The key though is education. There really are no excuses in this day and age with access to the wealth of free knowledge out there. Take it one step at a time and don’t get overwhelmed with the task. Start off simply by improving your diet and increasing your exercise. This will boost your energy levels and give you the motivation to continue.

Feel free to get in contact if you have any questions.

Sadie x

How to get vitamins into your kids?



Both my husband and I take supplements. I don’t believe that taking them should replace a good diet but I definitely believe that taking them helps stop

the gaps and supports all of our bodies systems. The challenge though is how to ensure that my kids are getting all the nutrients they need. I have 2 boys 8 & 6 and they both like different foods. One loves meat and fruit and the other likes more veg than meat and no fruit! So neither is getting the right balance. As much as possible we are always working on expanding their food choices, we’ve tried every incentive going. Star points, pocket money, counting veg. 

Watching Bear Grylls on the Discovery channel worked great for a while and the boys loved getting whole fish on their plates, and checking out what was inside their heads! It was easier to get them to eat a fish eye than it was cauliflower.


Jelly Nutreince AM & PM

One of the exciting products I’ve found recently is Nutreince. This is now my no.1 favourite multi vitamin. Before I found this I was taking lots and lots of different supplements and to be honest I found it totally overwhelming the amount of choice out there and also the worry about how they all interacted with each other. But what’s really good about Nutreince is that its in powder form and is suitable for ages 4+. So for the last few days I’ve been experimenting with Jelly. Both my kids love jelly and initial response to these is 50/50 which is actually very good. Day one I could only get one of them to try it but day 2 both have. They don’t love it yet but they also don’t hate it. With a little encouragement (pocket money bribery and guilt discussions about how we’re just trying to make sure they are healthy!) oh and the saying that after 10 times they will like it – I reckon I’m onto a winner

Toxins in your cupboards?

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When I first started listening to ‘the bulletproof executive’ one of his articles discussed spices.

Using Spices in your cooking can be very beneficial, and lets face it they really add to the flavour of our food. Some spices are also hitting the headlines with their healing properties. Who hasn’t heard of the benefits of Turmeric – Anti Inflammatory, Antibacterial, Antioxident? However what we haven’t heard much about are the dangers of using herbs & spices in our cooking. Now before you all stone me to death for bringing another warning out about a food it’s actually the storage of our herbs & spices we need to be careful with. As we can all be in danger of turning a fantastic beneficial food into one of the most toxic foods we consume.

Due to the very nature of Spices and where they are grown, the actual production process is not always of a consistent standard. Which means that spices are prone to be contaminated with moulds. These moulds thrive in warm climates and often survive the drying/production process. Which means that when we buy our spices they can be already contaminated with these moulds. Which in itself isn’t a major issue. But its what we then do with our spices once we’ve bought them that we need to take care with.

Most people will buy their spices for a recipe. But they won’t use up all the spice so it will get stored in a cupboard. The problem with most kitchens are that the cupboards we store it in can be beside the fridge or the oven. This means it will get fairly warm in that cupboard which then produces the ideal conditions for the mould in the spices to produce mycotoxins. Or even worse the spices are stored in lovely glass jars which are then stacked in spice racks on counter tops within easy reach of our ovens. So not only are they in a warm environment they are also in the sunlight which again are ideal conditions for mycotoxins to form.

Mycotoxins have been linked to a lot of diseases including cancer, fertility, cardiovascular & nervous system diseases. So its important to reduce our exposure to them. When it comes to our spices there are a few simple rules to follow.

–          Ideally the fresher the herbs and spices we use the better.

–          Always go for quality

–          Make sure you are storing them in a cool dark dry space.

–          Finally make sure you do not keep your spices for longer than 6 months, and certainly not past their sell by date

Taking the above advice myself as I really love cooking and I have a lot of herbs and spices in my cupboards. In fact I have 5 shelves with spices, herbs, lentils, dried beans in glass jars, desiccated coconut, stock cubes and all manner of great things to make dishes with. As I mentioned above not all the spices are used up at the time of buying, before you know it the spices and herbs I had were all out of date. With the best will in the world I was not using up the spices in my cupboards.

So after listening to one of Dave Asprey’s podcasts, I got home one night and decided to have a clear out. I’m embarrassed to say that some of the jars were very out of date. ( 2008-2012)

Now I have 4 empty shelves and lots of empty glass jars.









There is no point holding on to these things. They don’t get used and even worse someone else in my house (my husband) would just use them without thinking.

So do yourself and your family a favour. Read up on the dangers of mould and mycotoxins. Then take a good look at your spices and all the dried beans, lentils, cooking products and have a clear out. Fresh is best. Don’t bulk buy. And let’s face it having a clear out is Very therapeutic.

Sadie x

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Bio Hacking – Step 1 Diet

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then-nowmarkWhen you first start delving into the world of the Bio hacker, initially you think wow this is so cool. But the longer you look the more it can feel really over whelming. Where do you start?

For me I’ve found the best way is to break it down and just set small targets to change one or two things and then once I’m comfortable with that, I’ll move onto the next step. Have a good look at your life and decide what it is you want to change. And then prioritise the areas you want to focus on.

Most people usually start with their health, either they are over or under weight and want to find a diet that they can stick to and that works, or they suffer from illness and want to be  proactive and see if they can heal themselves.

Your health is a brilliant place to start and it all begins with what you are putting into your body every single day. But where do you start, if you are like a lot of people out there you have done loads of diets, you hear on the news contradictory information all the time. Low fat is good, sugar is bad, don’t eat red meat. Coconut oil is new super food! Eat a Mediterranean diet, eat a low carb diet, juice your food, eat cabbage soup the list goes on and on. No wonder its hard for the right information to get through. So let me see if I can make it easier for you to decide what you should be eating

The key to the right diet is knowledge.weight-goals

Understanding that our bodies have been evolving over the last 100 thousand years or so, you have to think about what influences we have had in that time which have shaped our systems. For longer than we have had agriculture we have been following a hunter gather lifestyle. Woman would be at the camp tending the children digging and foraging for food and men would have been hunting game and protecting the tribe. We would have eaten with the seasons. If we lived close to the sea which is likely as the land was forested we would have eaten seafood. Now compare that to the last 3000 years where we have discovered farming and started to produce our food rather than gather it. In terms of our evolution this has influenced us a lot less. And lets flash forward to the last 70 years and see the changes we have implemented. Farming has increased to industrial proportions, since the 50’s we have been using chemicals to fertilise our crops, kill the weeds and this has resulted in amazing increases in the yields of our crops. Our animals have been intensely farmed. 10 Chickens in a cage, pigs kept in styes where they can’t turn around. Dairy cows bred for high yield milk production. On top of this we have pumped them full of antibiotics and growth hormones. Chickens can take 16 weeks from egg to plate. You get the picture? And now we are genetically changing the grain we eat and feeding that not only to ourselves but to our animals and our fish. We are using preservatives and additives to prolong the shelf life of our food.

Added to all this we are eating out more than ever. We have access to food 24/7. But this food is not good quality food, no its made cheaply to maximise profits. No wonder obesity levels have risen to 20% and often 30% of populations. Lets face it we are getting fatter. And with this we are also getting sicker. Chronic illnesses are at their highest levels ever. Heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Liver Disease, Cancer, Parkinson’s, Dementia we are all  very familiar with these diseases, they hang over us like dark clouds on the horizon.

It doesn’t take a degree in nutrition to make the connection between what we have been eating over the last 30-50 years and the increase in all these diseases.

Firstly you need to set a goal to reduce the amount of processed

Bacon from Butchers

Bacon from Butchers

food that you eat. Reduce the amount of meat you eat and increase the amount of vegetables. Increase your seafood, especially oily fish. Shop at your local butchers and eat meat that has been pastured (grass fed). Try a few weeks cutting out known inflammatory foods such as diary, wheat & gluten. Some people can process these foods no problem and others have intolerances. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel when you cut these out of your diet. Even if you think you have no issues with these food give it a go and see how you feel after 3 weeks. I’ve found its actually when I go back to eating these foods that I really notice the difference. The feelings of wellbeing   disappear, I can feel bloated, lethargic and grumpy.

Local Farm Shop

Local Farm Shop

But you say its really expensive eating this way. First off food should be your no1. priority when it comes to where you invest your money. And secondly cheap food is exactly that cheap. Low quality and causing you harm. Anyway we’ve all done it where we shop to a shopping list and been surprise at how little our bill is at the till. (or is that just me?) Keep you meals simple, use spices to add flavour.

Unfortunately though changing our food is not the whole story. The food we produce IS different than what we ate 100 years ago. The soil has been farmed intensely and the micronutrients in our food are not as high any more. So you need to look at supplementation. Supplements are not all the same so you’ll need to read up on these. Get a good mutli-vitamin (see Nutreince). This will fill the gaps. I also recommend a good quality fish oil.

Once you get onto the path of eating the right foods, you will start to see the changes happening. You get more energy, your mood improves, you get sick less and your skin looks brighter. All signs you are on the right path to good health. This then leads you onto the next step. Physical exercise.

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The Paleo Diet made easy – Jo Skipper

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Nutreince – Multi Vitamin re-invented

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Podcast link

What’s brilliant about Nutreince is that its a multivitamin that really does deliver what it sets out to do. Before taking Nutreince I was taking upwards of 30 tablets a day. It makes it easy for me as I don’t have to worry about combining my vitamins. This is exactly what I was looking for. Its easy and quick, and its brilliant value for money. I love this product and I’m really happy that I will be able to offer this out to all my customers on Enhanced Nation. I’ve been using Nutreince natural since September 2013. below is a link to a brilliant podcast from Bulletproof Radio where Dave Asprey interviews both Jayson & Mira Calton.

Click here for Podcast


Don’t get hung up on hang overs – 6 easy steps to follow

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Let’s face it no one likes a hangover. Even with your best efforts every now and again one sneaks up and bites you in the ass. And each time it appears, it’s worse than last time, almost like you’re using up your life-force until one day it’ll be the mother of all hangovers and you’ll die on the bathroom floor head down the pan wrenching up your insides. Or is that just me!

How not to do it!

How not to do it!

If you’re like me you try to avoid hangovers like the plague. Understanding a hangover will actually help you either avoid hangovers, put you off drinking for life or reduce the effects they have on your body.

When alcohol enters your bloodstream it suppress the creation of a chemical called vasopressin. Without this chemical your kidneys send water to you bladder instead of re-absorbing it back into your body. Hence the need to pee a lot when drunk. This leads to dehydration and is one of the causes of your hangover. Headaches tend to come from dehydration because your body’s organs try to replenish their water and they take it from your brain, causing it to shrink and stretch the connective tissues to your skull causing you a throbbing headache. Nice!

The constant peeing also causes you to expel a lot of your electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium and sodium and when these get low your body becomes fatigue, you feel nauseous and this also adds to your headache. Double whammy. If that’s not enough, the peeing also decreases your livers glycogen stores which leads you to be fatigued and wobbly on your feet the next day

The types of alcohol you drink also have a dramatic effect on your hangover. This is due to the fermentation process which causes congeners. These toxins are found in different types of alcohol in various different levels, red wine and dark spirits such as whisky and brandy have the highest levels. White wine, vodka and gin have less and therefore cause less severe hangovers. Combining your drinks can have a really negative effect on your body as you are combining these different congeners which are likely to cause severe hangovers, due to all the impurities and a combination any of these with beer or fizzy drinks means the carbonation actually speeds up the absorption of the alcohol into your system overloading your liver. The old saying was right about not mixing grape and grain.

If all that was not enough then the real cause of those humdingers is the way your liver processes the alcohol. Your liver produces a by-product when breaking down the alcohol which is called acetaldehyde which causes a major toxic overload. Your liver uses Glutathione and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase to breakdown this toxin and convert it to a nontoxic like vinegar which is then expelled from your body. This process works well when dealing with small amounts of alcohol but when we drink a lot we run out of Glutathione and our liver then stops the breakdown of acetaldehyde in order to make more glutathione, which means our body is exposed to the toxic acetaldehyde for longer. An interesting point to note here is that women tend to have lower glutathione levels than men and therefore their hangovers tend to be more severe and last longer.

Finally the lack of sleep affects your body, and although you may sleep for a good few hours the quality of that sleep is often poor. While you were drinking the alcohol inhibits the production of glutamine which is a natural stimulant, so when you stop drinking and go to sleep your body over compensates and produces more glutamine. Which stimulates your brain and causes you to have a restless sleep. Severe glutamine rebound also causes increased blood pressure and anxiety, hence the ‘beer guilt’ the next day

So although there are no ‘hangover cures’. Now we understand the mechanics of a hangover we can actually do a few things to alleviate the symptoms and also help our body’s own natural processes deal with the alcohol quicker and more efficiently.

Taking vitamin drinks before and after will replenish the lost electrolytes from all that peeing. The strategy of drinking a glass of water for every glass of alcohol works twofold, slowing down your consumption of alcohol giving your liver time to process it and also keeping you hydrated so can prevent the banging headache the next day.

Otherwise make sure you drink water before bed and also have a glass beside your bed for the middle of the night when you will likely wake. Drinking water the next day also helps.

Take charcoal tablets before you go to bed, this will bind to the alcohol and prevent it from absorbing into your blood stream.

Its true that if you eat before or while drinking this will help as it slows down the absorption of the alcohol again giving your liver time to break it down.

The next day

Drink fruit juice & eat eggs with a banana chaser. The eggs contain cysteine which helps break down the acetaldehyde, the banana will help replenish your potassium and the fruit juice because its high in vitamins and nutrients, as well the fruit sugar will give you an energy boost.

So to recap – Before Drinking

Recipe for success

Recipe for success

Step 1 – Take Vitamin drink before you start drinking

Step 2 – Drink White spirit and don’t mix your drinks

Step 3 – Drink water during and before you go to bed.

Step 4 – Take Charcoal supplements before bed

Next Day

Step 5 – Have a breakfast with eggs, fruit juice and banana’s.

Step 6 – Drink water, another vitamin drink or sports drink to replenish your electrolytes.

Sadie’s top tips

I take upgraded glutathione every day in order to keep mine topped up. Glutathione is a major antioxidant. Don’t believe me? Just type glutathione into google and read some of the articles on

the subject.

I take Berocca when I’m drinking, this helps replenish my electrolytes. I also take upgraded charcoal