Our skin is our largest organ and protects what lies within our bodies. The skin responds best to ingredients that come directly from the earth, rather than synthetic formulations or chemicals. Our mission at Alitura is to provide the highest quality products we can, and for that reason, we are anti-laboratory, anti-GMO and anti-chemicals.

I am so proud and excited to share this product with you. I created Alitura to solve my own problem and I am confident that our powerful and proven products will change yours. “Alitura” is Latin for “feeding and nourishing.” Every component of the Clay Mask is organic and pure – many are imported from far reaches of the globe. They all have time-honored uses and applications in many cultures. When brought together in Alitura’s proprietary formula, the mask provides the exclamation point on a clean, conscientious lifestyle – your skin will glow and it will radiate health.

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