The Biohacker Summit 2015

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On September 23rd I headed out to Helsinki to attend the 2nd Annual Biohacker Summit. I chose the VIP option which included an upgraded dinner the evening before the event. After a very early start in Glasgow I flew to Helsinki via Amsterdam and arrived with a couple of hours to spare before the Upgraded Dinner.


The upgraded dinner was held at the ‘upgraded food lab’, Flavour Studio @ Teurastamo (The Butchery). About 50 people had booked to attend and it entailed us splitting into small groups, donning our aprons and cooking the dinner together. Our master chef was Sami Tallberg – who’s speciality is wild food. A small group of attendees had gone out foraging with him that morning and collected al lot of the ingredients for that evenings meal. Here’s the menu

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Why you forget things…

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Does your memory play tricks on you? Whenever I forget something I have this amazing excuse. I tell whoever is listening, “I’ve got a good memory, it’s just that it’s short.”

Your memory is an amazing thing. You can do almost anything with it. For starters you can delete stuff from it. For instance, when you have a bad experience you can repress it. You can distort it. If you recall the last time you had an argument you’ll notice something strange. You were right. Why is that strange? Because the other person thought they were right. And you can generalise. Or “make up” things about people. Let’s say you meet someone in an ill-fitting suit. His hair looks like it’s been brushed with buttered toast. You’re thinking, ‘Salesman.’ And you start to back off. Or you meet someone with hair down to his shoulders. Jeans down below his bum. Okay, you can fill in the blanks. read more →

What is it you love about Triathlons & Ironmans?

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We asked Graeme Stewart what it is he loves about Triathlons & Ironmans? Graeme was named 2014 Scottish Performance Coach of the year and has achieved 3 time Scottish Champion.


Like many British kids growing up in the 80s, I only every heard about triathlon on television. That’s not to say there was any coverage of triathlon on British TV which there wasn’t but rather there was a character Joel on the soap opera “Neighbours” that I watched every day when I got home from school and stuffed my face with crisps. read more →

CILTEP production facility

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Bulletproof Protein Fast

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I tried the protein fast recommended by Dave Asprey The Bulletproof Executive. The reasons to have a protein fast once per week is it allows your digestive system to perform ‘maintenance’. As you are not taking in protein you actually digest your own protein which is called autophagy. This may sound like a thing you don’t want to happen but actually it allows your cells to self repair, also your enzymes are able to clear out toxins and ‘cell debris’. Dave also says it can greatly improve your sleep quality as it improves your mitochondria function, as well as increase weight loss. read more →

Phenylpiracetam – Why take it? When to take it?

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I’m going through a phase of trying new nootropics at the moment. Earlier this year my nootropic choices where CILTEP, Aniracetam, Choline, plus a few others. read more →

Green Smoothie Health Benefits

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photo2I recently purchased a high powered blender. My goal was to increase the amount of vegetables I eat.

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Subscribe and Save

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You can now set up all your favourite Bulletproof Coffee products up on a simple monthly subscription. Not only do you get free shipping but for multiple orders you also save money. Its real easy to set up. You’ll find a subscribe button next to all our popular products and kits. Simply choose from the drop down box the option you would like and follow the instructions. Its really easy and you can set it up or cancel at any point. Save yourself time and money.

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Bulletproof Coffee Alternatives

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Bioupgraded coffeeThere’s a few ingredients that are key to making Bulletproof Coffee. Of course the most important one is the coffee beans. Whats important about the beans is how they are produced? Upgraded Coffee beans are said to be free of moulds and toxins, and when you buy Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee beans you can be sure of the quality. However its not always that easy to get hold of these beans plus price is an issue especially when you are trying this coffee for the first time. When you are choosing an alternative bean you want to make sure a these 4 factors.


1. Is it organic?

2. How is it roasted?

3. Where is it grown?

4. Can you trust the supplier?

Not all coffee is equal and if you choose the wrong one this can have the opposite effect to what you are trying to acheive which is clear out brain fog, cut out the coffee crash and don’t get headaches.

We do carry an alternative choice of beans that you can make your ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ with. Bioupgraded Coffee is an organic bean which is roasted every month. It comes in 2 sizes 250gm for £9.99 or 1kg bags for £31.99.

Nutreince – A new multivitamin

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Nutreince remains one of the best and most nutritious multivitamin produced to follow the ABCs of the adequate supplementation guidelines. The importance of multivitamins to your health and overall wellbeing cannot be overemphasized. Studies by notable experts in the health world have shown that the more vitamins your foods contain, the more nutrients you get. read more →