Purathrive Vitamin C

Back in May 2017 I listened to a great interview on Zestology with Dr Andrew Saul (listen here) . His advice was as soon as you get any symptoms then high dose with vitamin C on the hour every hour. He’s discusses how very high doses of Vitamin C works as an antiviral, as an antibiotic, anti toxin, anti histamine, anti depressant and an antipyretic (fever reducer). He discussed that Dr Robert Cathcart had also promoted not only high dose vitamin c but ‘bowel tolerance’ dosing. Oral doses of Vitamin C are given to the point where you feel better and you reach ‘saturation’ or loose stool. A person in good health will reach this point sooner such as 5000mg compared to a sick person who would tolerate a much higher dose. He even used this method with his own daughter when she had a very severe cough. He gave her 4000mg every half hour until she had reached saturation point and pretty much her cough stopped the same time she needed to go to the toilet which was a couple of hours later. So she must have had 16,000 mg.

This January I got the chance to test out the theory to see if high dose vitamin c will stop a virus in its tracks.

I woke up one Thursday morning with a sore throat and ear ache. Thinking I would shake it off I happily went to work. But during the day it progressed further and by the afternoon I was aching all over and starting to shiver. It had been a long time since I had come down with a winter virus, I actually was feeling pretty good with myself as lots of my friends & family had come down with it over the Christmas period and I thought I had dodged that bullet.¬†As fate would have it – earlier that week we received in our latest products from Purathrive which included a Liposomal Vitamin C. Whats great about Purathrive’s products are they are liposomal which makes the vitamin c more bio available. The vitamin c is encapsulated into nano-sized micelles which are further enveloped in liposomes. This shields the vitamin c in the stomach and gut.

Fate, coincidence or not I thought brilliant, will get the chance to try out High Dose Vitamin C. At 4.00 pm I took 4 tablespoons which equated to 4000 mg and I took a further 4000 mg an hour later. I had parents evening that night and couldn’t go to bed which is what I really wanted to do. By the time I got to the school I was actually feeling a little better. I took a further 5000 mg when I got home.

The next morning my aches had gone and no more shivers. I still had a sore throat and earache. So Friday I took more Vitamin C. This time I took 2000 mg every hour and ended up taking 16000 mg. Saturday I took 8000 mg and by Sunday I was feeling so much better. No sore throat or ear ache.

I never did reach Saturation point so I think next time I will be braver and take a higher dose on the first day. This will certainly be one of my tactics now for any cough or sniffles.