One sunny Saturday morning in August 2016 Sky news came to visit…

I guess I don’t fit the typical profile of a ‘smart drugs’ user. Mum of two boys, living in rural Scotland. Maybe that’s what attracted them to come and interview me about my nootropics use? But then again I like not being typical. “Do you have a place you keep all your nootropics Sadie, that we could film?”. Hah now that I can provide.

I’m a little obsessed with optimising my brain. In fact I’m interested in optimising my whole self. For the last 4 years I’ve been on an incredible journey of discovery. What started out with how to be more productive at work has taken me down the rabbit hole of Neuroscience, Mediation, Sleep science, Nutrients, Super foods, productivity, diet, exercise, High Fat, Supplements and of course Nootropics.

Here I am on Sky New’s Swipe Tech programme showing my ‘supplements’ cupboard and chatting a little about why I take them.


13912476_10153625672322234_1931660071781778532_nNootropics & Sky news