We asked Graeme Stewart what it is he loves about Triathlons & Ironmans? Graeme was named 2014 Scottish Performance Coach of the year and has achieved 3 time Scottish Champion.


Like many British kids growing up in the 80s, I only every heard about triathlon on television. That’s not to say there was any coverage of triathlon on British TV which there wasn’t but rather there was a character Joel on the soap opera “Neighbours” that I watched every day when I got home from school and stuffed my face with crisps.

Triathlon represented the ultimate goal in fitness and achievement and although it was inconceivable for me to do one at the time the seed of ambition was planted. When at 21 I broke my back in a car accident I literally felt that I would never be able to do any sport ever again.

The human spirit often thrives when hit with adversity however and during my recovery I continually challenged myself to achieve a little more. I walked, then ran, then entered my first half marathon. Even when I had far exceeded my pre accident fitness I had now discovered the power and satisfaction that comes from challenging yourself to do things you may not consider possible.

Even when confronted by what might seem insurmountable challenges people can achieve extraordinary things. This is special and this is why I love triathlons and that is why I will continue to challenge my self every day.

Graeme-Stewart-HeadShotGraeme Stewart, is a recognised expert in exercise and nutrition, a professional long course triathlete who holds a PhD in biochemistry as well as the highest UKCC qualification in triathlon coaching. He is 3 time Scottish champion and  has an Ironman triathlon PR of 8hr 16min 31sec. With a deep understanding of science, coaching was a natural progression and he now works full time as a triathlon coach. In 2014 he was named Scottish performance coach of the year.  http://www.graemestewart.com/