I’m going through a phase of trying new nootropics at the moment. Earlier this year my nootropic choices where CILTEP, Aniracetam, Choline, plus a few others. These 3 nootropics really stacked well for me. But over the summer months I cut back on these just to give my self a break. Plus no real need for them while kids are on holiday. However Kids went back to school in August and I feel the draw of the routine creeping back in and it’s feeling like head down crack on – summers over.
Summers a great chance to refocus and set some goals for the second half of the year. So this has spurred me on and I’m motivated to trial some new nootropics and acquire new knowledge.

When I try a new nootropic I like to stop all my supplements and only take that product for the first few days to get a feel for how I respond to the drug. Then I’ll introduce other products to see what affect they can have?

My newest nootropic to trial is Phenylpiracetam. Why this one? I recently re-watched Dave Asprey on Creative live and he mentioned that this was one of the nootropics he was taking in order to help him with the presentation. And he stacked it with Aniracetam. I’m really interested in any nootropic that will help me with public speaking and high level meetings. As I have been taking aniracetam its seemed like the next logical step to see how I responded to this nootropic.

Initial response was good so I proceeded to add it to my current stack, CILTEP & Aniracetam. I can feel the effects within 30 minutes and I get a little rush with this nootropic. However after about 15 minutes I calm down and general feel good, motivated and very social. Using it while presenting and discussing different topics with my clients felt good. I definitely needed to add in a choline supplement (I do with all nootropics I’ve tried so far) as this stopped me getting a headache after a few hours. I didn’t feel my sleep was affected however I do feel mentally drained by the end of the day (especially if I’m at a conference or a client meeting). I have tried dosing with one tablet in the morning, 2 in the morning, 1 in the morning and 1 mid afternoon. I find that the last option worked well for sustained effect. I had also read that this drug is good for exercise by increasing physical stamina and is actually banned in competitive sports. Of course I made sure I tried it while exercising as well, although to be honest I’m not as tuned into these effects as I am compared to how my mental capacity is affected so can’t really add any comments re this effect. I also found if I took it for more than 2 days the effects were not as strong and I have read that the body builds up a tolerance to it very quickly.

My conclusion

I would use Phenylpiracetam as an occasional boost. Such as meetings where I need to be fully on the ball. I wouldn’t take it more than 2 days in a row as I really need to recharge afterwards. It helps me get into a flow state when public speaking and I felt it easy to recall info, It gives a Euphoric feeling and makes it easy to interact socially. However I don’t think it helps with creativity.

Happy to stack it with CILTEP, Aniracetam (Neurostim) Ultra Choline

As an extra side note I also take other supplements everyday which are not all brain focused however I do take a high dose fish oil most days along with Vit D 3

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