As we grow older, we begin to notice subtle changes about ourselves, many of which aren’t always for the better either. We may notice that we’re perhaps not as fit as we once were, and that it may take us longer to recover following bouts of strenuous physical activity or exercise. Perhaps our eyesight or hearing is gradually beginning to degenerate, making it harder for us to see and hear. Or, more likely, is the fact that our memory and general mental function are probably not what they used to be, which can leave us with slower reaction times and far less focussed and much more forgetful.

The brain ages just as the body does and to help combat these effects, more and more people are using Nootropics. Nootropics are sometimes referred to as “smart drugs” or “memory enhancers” as their main job is to help improve brain function by improving intelligence, memory, cognition, attention, motivation, and concentration. They can be extremely effective, providing of course that you find one that actually works. Enter CILTEP. CILTEP is a relatively new Nootropic and is already receiving great results, here’s a look at how it came about, and why it’s so popular.

How was CILTEP conceived?

As mentioned previously, CILTEP is a relatively new product, that began being conceived around the year 2005 by Abelard Lindsay. Around this time, Abelard began looking for methods of creating the perfect brain enhancing supplement, and things really began to take off in 2007 when he joined ‘immortality institute’ which is now known as During this time, the group began researching and experimenting with PDE4/Forskolin, which are found in artichokes and a herb known as coleus forskohlii respectively. In the year 2012, the forskolin/artichoke extract stack has been tested for a number of months with hugely positive results, and on the forum, the health supplement stack is revealed as CILTEP! Interest in this product begins to shoot through the roof, with ”The Four-Hour Chef” Tim Ferriss, mentioning this great stack at a Google Tech Talk and a few months later on the Joe Rogan show. Both of these instances helped to really peak people’s interests in this new product and vitamin B6 is added to make it even more beneficial! Other vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are added to the stack over the next few months, and in October of the year 2013, CILTEP is made readily available. Dave Asprey the “Bulletproof” exec has featured the product on his site and is firmly in favour of it.

So what exactly is CILTEP and what does it do?

In basic terms CILTEP is actually an acronym for Chemically Induced Long Term Potential. It’s a Nootropic supplement, enriched with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, that is designed to improve mental function and cognition by basically making the brain itself healthier. It’s a relatively new supplement that is receiving fantastic results and is marketed as a healthy way to stay focused, alert, and motivated for hours at a time. It’s two main ingredients are artichoke extract and Forskolin. Artichoke extract contains Luteolin, which is a safe natural inhibitor of PDE4. PDE4 inhibitors have been found to possess very impressive Nootropic effects which include improved long and short term memory, increased cognition, and improved mental and physical alertness. Forskolin, which is derived from a herb, has been found to activate an enzyme known as adenylyl cyclase, which is proven to increase the amounts of intracellular levels of a response element-binding protein known as cAMP. This results in an overall improvement in cognitive mental function.

What is the recommended dosage?

For best results, it’s strongly recommended that you follow a 5 day on and 2 day off split to assess your tolerance and give your body a little break when taking this product, so for 5 days I.E Mon – Fri you’ll take it, and then Sat and Sun you won’t. The recommended daily dosage is 2 – 3 capsules in the morning, taken with water on an empty stomach in order to maximise the rate of absorption. Do not exceed 3 capsules a day.