You know sometimes the difference between hitting a goal or not can come down to very few variables.

One of the standards of any successful person is goal setting. And if you are learning and trying to follow in a successful persons footsteps this is the first thing you learn. YOU GOTTA SET GOALS. So you get motivated and set yourself goals and 2 years later you haven’t hit them. Why? You did the right thing, you set a goal, you thought about this goal and you worked towards it and yet you never seem to reach that goal. It becomes this never ending chase. So how come you’re different. Why does that person seem to have it easy and you don’t. You seem to be doing everything they are and yet you just don’t hit it!

Well although you may feel you are doing everything that the other person is doing, sometimes its the little things that you are missing that makes the difference to success.

So if you are not hitting that target you need to get focused. Not the focus you have been doing, but laser focus. You need to be able to quantify your actions. Why do athletes track there progress? Because that’s what can make the difference between winning and losing the race. So you need to look at what is needed to succeed. Write a list of a the components you feel are needed to hit your goal. Then go through that list and for each point ask your self if you are actually completing the task. If you do this every week or even better everyday and ask the same question. Have I done everything on this list?  You will soon realise that although you thought you were doing everything every day you will realise that you were probably only doing 70-80%, its that last 20% which makes all the difference.  Track it!

Like baking a cake it can be a simple recipe but you have to be exact and get the right measurements and not miss any one ingredient. Missing one ingredient can be the one defining factor to that cake being the best cake, next you could have all the right ingredients but then the technique is wrong, you add them in at the wrong time or spend too long mixing, or not enough.  You can’t just randomly throw everything together and then not take notes of what you did and how you did it otherwise the likelihood of you getting a perfect cake are purely left to chance.

If you don’t track YOUR recipe to success, then your chances of success are left to chance!

This also holds true if you have succeeded at something in the past and yet now you don’t seem to be able to continue that success. If you have ever gone on a diet then you’ll know that the difference to getting into fat burning mode can really just be one thing you are doing wrong. Once you commit 100% to that diet and follow the instructions to a tee that’s when you start losing weight.

What happens when we reach a goal and stopping tracking what we are doing everyday then we start to drift from the right path. At first it will only be little things, a small % however over time the distance from the right path grows greater with time. And by just going back to the basics (your recipe) you soon get back on track. Track it!

You have to stop blindly going through life. You need to be mindful of your actions, especially if you want to hit a goal, or achieve success. But even without a clear direction if you blindly stumble through your day to day existence then life will pass by and before you know you will have missed your opportunity.

Get laser focused, be mindful and track it