Q Hi Sadie, what is MCT stands for? and how often during the day I can drink the coffee with the brain octane oil?

A. It stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. It depends on how your body responds to fat. To start with you would try 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon. If that is ok then you can build it up during the day. You can get a an upset tummy if you take too much because its fat hence why you start off with small amounts. I take 2 tablespoons in the morning and if I need an extra energy boost in the afternoon I sometimes take it as well http://www.enhancednation.com/blog/upgraded-brain-octane-vs-upgraded-mct-oil/

Q. Is Brain octane oil can help loosing some body fat or not at all? and is the coffee as I take it with the brain octane would be healthy for people with cancer?

A. Yes most definitely. The MCT oil doesn’t get stored as fat in your body at all. Its turned into Ketones straight away and you body uses it as fuel. It also passes the blood brain barrier which also fuels your brain. By raising the good fat ratio in your body this helps you get into ketosis quicker (fat burning mode). If you practice intermittent fasting then you can have a bulletproof coffee (with the oil and butter) in the mornings. This helps take away any hunger as you get an energy boost from the good fats but doesn’t bring you out of the fast at all. Re cancer – I can’t say as I’m not a medical professional, however as it has reduced toxins I would say if I had a choice of which coffee to drink then this would be my one to choose. I have read a lot on cancer and nutrition and a lot of the info focuses on reducing the toxins coming into the body as a person’s immune system can be really compromised. I’ve also read that ketosis is excellent for cancer patients as cancer cells use glucose for energy but not fat. So if glucose is reduced and fat increased this helps greatly. Another product you should consider is Glutathione. All studies have shown that people with serious illnesses such as cancer have really low glutathione levels in their systems. Not sure if you have read up on glutathione if not deff google it. Dave’s glutathione has been designed to help with absorption (as glutathione is tricky to get into the system)

Q. is brain Octain oil is same as what you are talking about MCT? Is it the same oil used? Or I need to buy MCT oil to use with the coffee to be able to lose some weight? Also, if that is the case then can I use the brain Octain and also the MCT as I understand one is for brain focus and the other one (MCT?) for losing weight? Wouldn’t this be too much in one day?

A. You can use either the MCT oil or Brain Octane oil, both are good for weight loss. MCT is a combination of Caprylic acid (C8 & C10) where as Brain Octane oil is only C8

‘Both C8 and C10 get broken down into the same molecule, Acetyl-CoA, which is then converted into ketones. It’s these ketones that have been shown to help with weight loss by stimulating the metabolism and by suppressing appetite.’

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt since starting on my own Bio hacking journey is that we all are slightly different and what can work for one person does not always work for the next person, this is because we have different levels of nutrients – some of us are deficient in ones that other may not be, hormonally we are all also different. However we are all fundamentally the same so with a few tweaks here and there similar solutions can work for us all.

Personally I tried MCT oil initially and then changed to Brain Octane oil as I felt I got a better response. My advice would be to stick with the Brain octane oil see how you feel on it and then next time buy MCT oil and see how you respond to that. You’ll soon decide which one works best for you. We’ve got the half bottles of both for sale on the site.