What’s the difference between Brain Octane oil and MCT oil and which one should you choose?

Upgraded MCT oil is an extract of 2 key fats that make up coconut and palm oil. C10 Capric acid and C8 Caprylic acid. Both quickly oxidize into ketones which is good for your metabolism and your brain. Upgraded Brain Octane Oil only has the C8 fat.

Both C8 and C10 have be shown in studies to be good for the brain however its C8 which has been cited as particularly good for the brain and C10 for your metabolism.

Some studies have found that MCT is good for weight loss as it helps in the process of excess calorie burning as well as reducing your appetite.

Dave Asprey (Bulletproof Executive) suggests using MCT oil if your main goal is to loose weight otherwise use Brain Octane oil if your main focus is mental clarity. Both should have a positive effect with an increased in energy levels. MCT oil is cheaper than Brain Octane oil as its a longer process to just extract the C8 fat. However as Brain Octane oil is 18 times stronger than MCT oil it convert to ketones a lot faster.

You can use both to make Bulletproof Coffee. But as MCT oil is cheaper one suggestion is use Brain Octane oil to make your bulletproof coffee and use MCT oil to replace other oils in your recipes such as salad dressings.