Hi Everyone, if you find yourself on my site then it usually means that you have read about or heard about Bio hacking. Maybe not that particular term but you’re either already far down the path or perhaps you’re just starting out and wanting to find out more. So I created this site for 2 reasons.

Firstly I have the shop. I only carry products I believe in and use myself. I was buying my own products – mainly from the US, it would take weeks for them to come through and I also had to pay custom charges on top. So I found myself buying not only for me but also for my friends and family. The natural step was to start the shop. I try and keep the prices for the products close to the US price, I’m subject to exchange rates and a fickle HMRC as well as shipping so you may find they are a little bit more than the US shop. However you won’t have all those extra costs on top, and if you’re as impatient as I am then you will normally receive your purchase the next day when you order Monday to Friday.

Secondly I started this site because a lot of my family and friends found the subject of Bio Hacking a little daunting. Everyone wants to be healthy, who wouldn’t want to improve their IQ? Or boost their immune system or slow down the ageing process. Its a ‘no brainer’ right? And yet our lives can seem so busy that all of these things get put on the back burner. Jobs need to done, families to keep. Taking the time to focus on us is a luxury most of us don’t have.

I can totally relate to this. My day job is running my own business. I’ve been self employed since I was 21. It wasn’t until my mid thirties that we were lucky enough to start a family. I think the reason we weren’t successful having children before this would be a lot down to stress, working long hours, pushing myself and not taking care of me. I smoked 30-40 cigarettes a day right upto my 30th birthday. My husband and I ran a sales company and the environment was totally intoxicating. Early mornings, late nights, lots of coffee, lots of red bull. Often missing meals, lots of socialising, travelling up and down the country. Not very conducive to a healthy lifestyle, never mind children.

Sadie & LochlannBut you know, that lifestyle just wasn’t sustainable. So from the age of 30 I started on a path that I’m still on. Fags got dumped (a little bit of hypnosis sorted that habit out). I changed my job – went from running a sales company, retrained in accounts and started a new business providing bookkeeping and accounting services to direct sales companies. We moved out of the city and headed into the countryside. I focused on detoxifying, visited a herbalist to help with fertility. And after my 2 children came along I then went on a mission to lose weight and work on being as healthy as I could be.

This was easier said than done. I can certainly see though, how each step I have taken along this path has bought me to this point in time. Every step has been a learning process, not everything works but thats how we learn what does work. I discovered that we are all Bio Hackers in one form or another. I guess that the key to success is awareness and taking note of what we do every day. A bit of trial and error. I would also say that having the right attitude helps. Everything for me is a challenge that can be cracked. Its just a case of persistence and grit. And if something does turn out to be impossible then we’re more likely to be a lot further on than if we hadn’t kept trying!

So my future plans for Enhanced Nation are keep sourcing great products. I’m actually trialling ones all the time, but don’t always run with them on my site. Theres no rush to fill my shop up with products just so I have something to sell. Thats not the aim here. Its about sharing the knowledge.

I absolutely love feed back from customers. Feel free to leave comments on any of the blog posts, facebook page and Twitter. You can email if you have any questions re anything on the site.