neurostim_400Enhanced Nation have decided to add 2 new lines to their Nootropics range. Nuerostim and Neurodrive from Mind Nutrition. Sadie Scott (owner) has been trialling these 2 products for the last 4 weeks. ” I am really impressed with the results, I was previously taking Aniracetam alongside my CILTEP stack but decided to trial Neurostim instead”.

Neurostim is a combination of 3 great nootropics in their own right: Aniracetam, DMAE, Vinpocetine

Mind Nutrition’s website says “We developed Neurostim to perform a very specific number of roles; we wanted it to primarily improve the rate at which neurons fire signals within the brain. Achieving this would result in a faster thought process and a better working memory, and these are the three compounds we’ve chosen for this purpose”.

Key benefits are:

  • Assists in a faster thought process
  • Can improve concentration and mental alertness
  • Promotes more effective cognitive function
  • Vinpocetine shown to have neuroprotective benefits

Sadie has also been trialling Neurodrive which replaced her Choline supplement. ” I took choline to help increase my acetylcholine within my brain.” One of Neurodrives key ingredients is CDC Choline. “One on the only downside to supplementation is the amount of tablets, any opportunity to reduce this with supplements that do a number of tasks is a great idea. I just love the opportunity to be more efficient. I like both Neurodrive and Neurostim for these reasons, I’m not only getting aniracetam and choline but the added benefits of the additional ingredients as well. Brilliant”.

Both Neurodrive and Neurostim can be purchased from Enhanced Nation click here for the shop link

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